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The custom-made WebSelf service !

You may not have time to create a website from scratch, or you may want to modernize an existing website. So, why not work in collaboration with our WebSelf graphic designers? Describe your needs, and we will make sure to meet them. Whether you need a new website or a redesign, we will accompany you along the way so that you get a quality site!


What we offer :


  • A completely tailor-made website and design just for you
  • The creation of 4 pages of your choice
  • Personalized accompaniment in the creation of your website
  • A site that respects the latest trends in usability and SEO
  • 2 revisions of the template

It is essential to have a website that suits you, represents your business, and sets you apart from your competitors.

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Online Store

  • A completely tailor-made website and design
  • The creation of 3 pages of your choice plus 1 page for your online store
  • The integration of 10 products of your choice (photos, descriptions, prices)
  • Personalized support
  • A site that respects the latest trends in usability and SEO
  • 2 revisions of the website template

What if your website was also your online store? With WebSelf, you can do e-commerce. We propose you create a "Store" page that looks like you.

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  • The creation of 4 sections of your choice – for example, Home, About, Services, Contact
  • Personalized support
  • A one-pager that respects the latest trends in SEO
  • 2 revisions of the website template

The idea behind a one-pager is to create a website on a single page. That means that all the information about you and your services or products will be presented in sections on the same page.

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Why you need a tailor-made website ?

There are different reasons why you might want a tailor-made website. Here are three:

To save time

Creating a website, even with a design beforehand, takes time. You want to avoid ending up with a site that you're not completely happy with.

To improve your SEO

We are not born knowing it all, and starting from scratch regarding SEO can be complicated. However, getting a customized site means it will already be optimized for search engines. All you have to do is maintain your website from time to time.

For a top design!

We are not born superior designers, unfortunately. If we think we have good ideas, we must sometimes accept that they are not feasible for aesthetic reasons. Or it doesn't look at all the way you imagined. That's why designers exist and will help you create your website.

Why work with the WebSelf team?

Work with knowledgeable designers.

Our team has gained a lot of experience in creating websites over the years. They have created more than 250 designs for WebSelf for different domains.

It's quick and easy

And yes, apart from answering our questions to create a site that suits you, you don't have to do anything! It will only take a few days for our designers to send you the first version of your website.

Discover good web practices

To create our web builder, we spent hundreds of hours analyzing the structure and best practices that make great websites. Our team of experts will therefore accompany you throughout the creation process.

Why work with the WebSelf team?

Creation process

Discover the process for creating your custom website

The order

The first thing to do is fill out the form by clicking on 'Start Now'. You can then describe your needs and wants to the web designer.

Take charge of your project

Within 3 working days, one of our web designers will take care of your graphic design wishes. They will contact you by e-mail to confirm your expectations and ask you any follow-up questions.

Creation of the model

Within 10 business days, you will receive an image of your website's home page. You will be able to see the different planned styles (colors, menus, layout, etc.). You will then be able to give your opinion and ask for changes. This is your first revision.

Execution of any changes

Within 3 working days, if required, your website will be reworked to best meet your expectations. After that, you can comment on the work completed. This is your second and last revision of your website.

Installing the graphic theme on your website

The web designer will then modify the website template one last time before starting its technical integration. You will be notified as soon as the graphic template is ready to be installed on your account. Installation can take up to 3 business days.

In less than 20 days*

get a custom website that meets your needs, and that will be ready for visitors!

*Subject to the customer's response time, as well as whether they provide all text content for their site.

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