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Images / Branding

Free Logo Design

Create your logo design online for your business or project. Its Free to use. Customize a logo for your company easily with our logo generator.

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Business tools


Simplify your billing process! Momenteo is a complete billing solution specifically created for small businesses.

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POWr brings you all the tools you need for effortless business growth, all in one place. With over 50 website plugins available that are easy-to-use and customizable, you'll find everything you need to boost conversions, engage and support customers, grow your following and collect information.

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Use LiveChat and contact your customers easily. Chat with your online visitors via the customizable chat window that will make an integral part of your website design. Sign up today and reap all the benefits!

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Gimmio is a free email signature generator which allows you to create some of the most advanced email signatures on the planet. The product has extensive customization options to create the exact signature that you want. Because of its flexibility, many web design agencies are already using Gimmio to create their customers' email signatures.

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Email / Marketing


Booxi is a simple solution that helps you manage your appointments as well as sending email confirmations and reminders (email and SMS). It's integrated CRM also allows you to better understand your customers. Starting at $20 per month, booxi is available on smartphone, tablet and desktop computer.

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Tips / Help

Name generator

Who hasn't struggled trying unsuccessfully to find a name for a company or a product? Name Generator not only allows you to find and generate names based on your criteria, but also shows you the available domain names associated to it.

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UAE aims to promote and defend Entrepreneurship and to accompany them on the efforts throughout their project.

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Canada Hosting

Hosting Canada is a community based organization that helps Canadians better understand online business. They also review all popular hosts and test performance across multiple variables.

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WebPerfect is a web agency based in Bordeaux, specialized in business development and marketing over the Internet. We are a certified agency Partners Google AdWords, SEO experts, Facebook campaigns, lead collection, Emailing and marketplaces.

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With Monitorank, track the keywords of your choice, your websites and competitors on many search engines. Test the free tool today!

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