Create a beauty and cosmetics website

Interested in just selling cosmetics door to door? It is now essential to be present on the web to promote your business and position yourself against your competitors.

How to create your cosmetics website ?

Just type in your website's title and your email, and you're ready to get started on creating your own website to present the wide range of your products for sale. Use our features—completely free and without any obligations—and discover all the possibilities at WebSelf!

Your WebSelf website will allow you to :

  • Introduce your products
  • Interact with your clients
  • Collect feedback on your site
  • Facilitate appointment scheduling with your clients
  • Increase your visibility and commercial profile

Why make a website to present your services ?

Having a website for an organization is now the market standard. A presence on the web increases your visibility, and also increases your sales and income!

Convey impressions

Once the visitor arrives on your site, you need convey certain very specific sensations :

  • modernity
  • Good taste
  • femininity
  • the delicacy
  • the seriousness
  • the refinement

Introduce your products

With your WebSelf site, you can easily promote the range of your products to your customers. In addition to the usual catalogue, your customers will be able to browse your inventory, and take time to make a decision according to their needs.

Make your appointments easier

With the form feature, collecting information from your visitors couldn’t be faster. Display your availabilities on your website, and make your life and your customer's life easier. It also gives you more time to prepare for your appointments!

Use the power of online shops to increase your sales

It has never been easier to sell merchandise online than today. We don't take any commission on your sales—so everything you earn is yours! We also regularly publish articles and tips to make your website more efficient!