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Your association deserves a great site! Whether you are a non-profit organization, a leisure club, or a sports club, the time without a website is over! But why do you need a website for your association?

A website allows you to be found easily on search engines, to communicate and recruit new members, as well as to gain credibility and notoriety. By having a web presence, your association exists! Stand out with an up-to-date website!

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How do I create my association's website?

Now it's easy to create a website for your organization or association! We know that your time is precious, that's why creating your site with WebSelf will be easy. You can even manage it yourself!

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Customize the website with your images and texts

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The WebSelf Advantages

We know your time is precious. We admire your dedication to your community, and that is why WebSelf would like to offer you the chance to own an up-to-date website.

It is likely that you are not comfortable with IT and that it does not relate to the vocation of your organization. However, there are several advantages to having an up-to-date site.

  1. It is protected by an SSL certificate
  2. It can be viewed on a tablet or smartphone
  3. The design represents your current reality
  4. The user experience encourages the visit of the different pages
  5. The site management is easier than before with the new CMS
  6. It ranks better on search engines which makes it easier to find you on the web

What exactly is WebSelf?

WebSelf is a website builder that allows people, even those with no programming knowledge, to build their own website in just three steps. It's simple, efficient and professional. Since its launch in 2009, WebSelf has helped create more than 3 million websites around the world, including several for associations, organizations, sports clubs, and groups.

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What exactly is WebSelf?

Why use WebSelf?

In addition to all the elements mentioned above regarding the importance of having an up-to-date website

Our company is based in Canada, so if you need a helping hand, our team will answer you in English or French by email or phone.

It is very easy to use WebSelf to build your website. Our website builder was designed with the drag and drop method. So it is effortless to add your texts, photos and even videos.

We have over 200 website templates for you. Whether you are a non-profit organization, a sports club or an association, we have a design that will meet your needs.

It is possible to try WebSelf for free! Indeed, you can make a 5 page website at no cost.

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