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You no longer need to be a computer wiz to build your own website. With WebSelf’s website builder and wide catalogue of professional website templates, creating your site is now a breeze!


Create a five-page website in minutes with our super simple website builder and professional website templates…for FREE!

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Build your own website in 3 simple steps.

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A Few Guiding Questions

Who will be visiting your site?

You should create your site content based on the visitors you’d like to attract.

What will visitors be doing on your site?

Exploring information about your products and services? Searching for your address and telephone number? Make sure this content easy to locate.

What do I want visitors to do on my site?

There is sometimes a difference between what visitors want to do on your site and what you would like them to do. For example, your potential clients may want to check the price of a product or service, but you want them to register for a demonstration. Offer your visitors a good reason to do what you intended without preventing them from doing what they want.

What content is less important to your visitors?

Are your visitors truly interested in your company’s history? Are they really interested in your values and management philosophy? If the answer is no, you don’t need to mention the topics on your site.

What is the competition up to?

Have a look at your competitors’ sites and the sites of similar businesses and organizations from other areas. You will find interesting ideas and inspiration for your own site.


Create your site in just a few clicks.

  • Select a website design from the many professional templates available.
  • Modify the template to suit your needs—They’re all fully customizable.
  • Add your content: texts, photos, videos, etc. You’re only limited by your imagination!
  • Add tools: Google Maps, contact forms, photo albums, etc.
  • Add pages: products, services, contact, etc.
  • Publish your site on the web!

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Using WebSelf has been such a positive experience! I can easily modify my pages and personalize my site in countless ways. Every time I have a question, the WebSelf team always responds quickly and offers clear answers.
- Patricia Colin