How to Create a Website

It is free, accessible to all, and fun to create a website. You can create your own free and professional website in just a few steps.

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How to create a website in only 4 steps

1. Create your account

This procedure will only take a few seconds.

2. Choose your template

We have more than 200 available templates; therefore, we are sure that we have at least one perfect for you!

3. Edit your website

Customize your website by adding your texts and your pictures.

4. Publish your website

It is as simple as that to have your own website!

1. Create your account

It is the easiest step! Enter your name and your email address, then choose a password. You will then have access to WebSelf website editor thanks to your account, as well as much interesting information on your visitors and your indexing. Are you ready to start your website? There are only 3 steps left before you have your own website!

Create my account
1. Create your account
2. Choose your template

2. Choose your template

One of WebSelf greatest strengths is the quantity and quality of available templates! In fact, our team made more than 200. There is a template for every taste or need. It might be difficult to only choose one! Whether you have a showcase website, a website for your business, a blog or an online shop, we surely have a template that will answer your needs.

Our templates are organized in many ways to help you find the perfect one quickly. First, you have all templates organized according to their release date, their popularity, as well as blank ones for audacious people. It is also possible to find our templates organized into categories like business, health & wellness, restaurants & food, as well as communication & education for instance.

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3. Edit your website

It is the moment when the magic happens. Once you managed to choose only one template, it is the time to customize it in order that it becomes your own website. Do not worry, it is very easy to use our website editor. In fact, you only need to click on what you want to add or modify to see all available options.

There are also 5 sections located left of the editor that are there to help you. To start with, the ADD button allows you to have access to a complete list of all you can put on your website, whether it is a text, a picture, a gallery, a video or even your social media buttons. Moreover, you can also edit each part of your website by clicking on the Pages, Sections, and Background tabs.

3. Edit your website
4. Publish your website

4. Publish your website

Last step but not least, when you feel that your website is ready to be shown to the world, do not forget to publish it. How can you do it? It is very simple, you only have to click on the PUBLISH blue button located top right of the editor. We suggest, however, you complete each page and section of your website, as well as checking all links before publishing it. Take also the time to make sure that there are no grammar or spelling mistakes left so that your website looks professional.

It is not because your website has been published that you cannot modify it anymore. To the contrary, you always can go back on the editor and make some modifications. Do not hesitate to edit your website until it meets all your needs.

It is your website

We are sure that you have understood that it is quick and easy to make a website. The question of How to create a website no longer arises. Now, you can ask yourself Why you should create a website?.

Save time and money with an online editor

Today, you do not have to be a computer programmer to create a professional website. We are specialists in creating websites and we will guide you during the whole process in order to help you grow your project or your business (technical jargon-free!)

A few questions to help you during your website creation

Who is it for?

You need to create your website depending on your visitors.

What will my visitors do on my website?

Have an overview of your products and services, perhaps? Find your address or your phone number? Do not forget to add these contents on your website.

What content is less important for my visitors?

Are the people who visit your website interested in knowing the history of your business? Are they really interested to know more about your values and your management philosophy? If the answer is no, do not talk about that on your website.

What do I want my visitors to do on my website?

There is sometimes a difference between what your visitors do on your website and what you would like them to do. For example, your potential customers might want to know the price of your products or services when you would prefer them to subscribe to a demo. Give them a few reasons to do what you want them to do… without preventing them to do what they want to do.

What are my competitors doing?

Take a look at your competitors' websites, as well as at some from businesses and organizations that are similar to yours in other areas. You will find some interesting ideas for your own website.


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Are you ready ? Create your website in only a few clicks.

  • Choose your template among the suggested professional examples.
  • Edit your template. It is 100% customizable.
  • Add your content: texts, pictures, videos… Your imagination is your only limit.
  • Add tools: Apple Maps, contact form, photo gallery...
  • Add your pages: products, services, contact...
  • Publish your website on the Web!

Your website is now online. What is next ?

If you have already created and published your website, you can start promoting and optimizing it in order to increase the number of visitors and improve the user experience. Make sure to follow trends to ensure that you are getting the best of it. You do not know where to start? Take a look at this year trends to follow!

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