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Create your online store website

With WebSelf, it is possible to create an e-store in your image, easily and fully customizable.

Create your online store
Create your online store website

Simple management

With WebSelf, having your own online store is simple and fast! You manage your inventory, product categories, taxes, deliveries and currencies in just a few clicks! Plus, we are always there to help you if you need to. No technical skills required.

A personalized product catalog

Group your products into categories to facilitate the consumer shopping experience. Not only will it be easier for your visitors to view your products, but it will also be simpler for you to manage your inventory. With your WebSelf e-shop, you will also have control over all the product options: color, size and style that will be available for your visitors.

Do you offer digital products? You have the opportunity to sell them directly in your e-commerce website. In addition, attract and retain your visitors by creating coupon codes or add discounts to your products!

A personalized product catalog

Everything you need

The easiest way to create a online store without computer knowledge. 100% customizable.

Autonomous inventory management

With WebSelf, you have the flexibility to choose how you want to manage your inventory. Indications appear when your product comes in limited quantities or is out of stock. No worries, you will be notified by e-mail in order to anticipate this aspect. Whether you have a few products or hundreds, follow-up your orders in a completely autonomous way!

Secure payment methods

WebSelf offers Stripe, Paymill and Paypal as payment methods. Completely safe, these encrypted payment systems are widely used on the Internet including payment by credit card and credit card. Your security is our priority!

Customizable tax and delivery settings

It's easy to manage which ones (if any) of the taxes you wish to apply to your products, as well as delivery and carrier fees. Do you have duty-free products? Want to apply different shipping charges depending on the destination? No problem. Our tool is flexible, so you have the opportunity to decide how you want to handle your business.

An international exposure

You dream of selling your products internationally? Webself makes it possible. In addition to being able to sell your items in different currencies, you decide where you sell and where you ship. Use the multilingual feature to conquer new markets.

Tools to increase your sales

Which products are your best sellers? How many visitors does your e-shop attract each week? WebSelf offers you statistics about your store as well as marketing tools to increase your online success. Do not forget to check out our blog for even more tips and tricks!

An online store optimized for Google

Your e-commerce website will be configured with the latest search engine methods to ensure that your products are positioned as best as possible online.

Create your online store now

An e-commerce site will allow you

  • Manage your stocks
  • Classify your products in several categories
  • Sell ​​in different countries, in different currencies and manage the delivery costs yourself
  • Customize the design
  • Show your products
  • Manage the size or color of your products

A technical support at your service

Located in the heart of Quebec City, our technical support is there to help you, whatever your problem. Do not hesitate to contact us, whether by chat, telephone or refer to our help center, which could answer some of the questions you may have. Who knows, maybe you'll even learn more about our many features.

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