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With WebSelf, it is possible to create a completely customizable e-store, easily and without breaking the bank.

Create an eCommerce website

You want to increase not only your online presence but also your income?
You want to start selling your products on the web? An eCommerce website is the solution.

Receive products orders in your online store

An eCommerce website will allow you to :

  • Manage your inventory
  • Group your products in different categories
  • Customize the design
  • Showcase your products
  • Sell in different countries, in different currencies and manage the delivery costs yourself
  • Manage the size or color of your products

Choose the perfect template
for your online store from our wide selection

Craft store
Accessory store
Tea shop
Craft store
Accessory store
Tea shop

With WebSelf, you have all the necessary tools to create
your eCommerce website

Easy online shopping

Facilitating online shopping

You have several products to sell? Use the online store feature to sort your products and organize them as you wish. Create a category for your T-shirts and another for pants, for example. Online shopping for your customers has never been easier!

Secure payments

Secure payment

We have one concern: your safety. Your customers can pay with Stripe or PayMill. They are secure payment systems (encrypted) and widely used on the Internet, including payment by credit card and credit card.

Manage your own store

You’re the boss

With your WebSelf online store, you make your own inventory, you manage your products, you track your orders and you decide the shipping methods. In short, you have all the control!

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