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The PRO offer is ideal for creating a beautiful professional looking website and propelling your business on the web!

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  • Free domain name
    Free domain name: Get a free and personalized domain name for your site (www.mycompany.com)
  • All WebSelf features
  • 15 products online store
    15 products online store: Increase your income by selling your products online directly to your WebSelf store.
  • Multilingual website
    Multilingual website: Create a website in several languages ​​very easily. Ideal open your business to new markets.
  • No WebSelf ads
    No WebSelf advertising: Your website will not have any WebSelf logo or "powered by WebSelf" banner.


Domain name

Establish a reputation with your customers and enjoy a free domain name for the duration of your annual subscription. You already own a domain name? Great, you can easily connect it or redirect to WebSelf!

Detailed statistics

Enjoy more detailed statistics about your visitors! Pageviews, search term, visitors by country, source of traffic, referring sites, etc. This data will be useful for you to better define your marketing strategy.

Online Store

Dreaming of selling your online products on the web? The PRO offers you the chance to use the online store tool and make that dream possible! Diversify your income sources with your online sales.

And several other features:

  • Free image library
  • Free web hosting
  • No WebSelf ads
  • Multilingual website
  • Mail boxes


WebSelf is an essential tool for my company. With its simple, ergonomic and efficient interface, my business keeps blooming. WebSelf allows me to have a website that lives up to my expectations and those of my clients - Tyna Mathews Photographer, tynamathews.com

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