Your mistakes are getting expensive

Pay enough attention to details with your websiteIberestudios published the results of an European study on search results and e-shops. Those results are surprising! We don’t pay enough attention to details and in the long run, they can get pretty expensive! Here’s the study (original in spanish):

According to a FACT-Finder study, a European firm that specialize in online searches and browsing, sales lost because of spelling errors or translation error have reach an all-time high of 20%. The study adds that 40% of searches in an online stores offer no result because of differences in the text typed by the potential customers and the text on the content. 

What ‘s the all-time winner of all mistakes? Multilingual e-shops. Mistranslation don’t come up in search engines and also give the website a bad image. Thus, the search engine optimisation efforts and content updates can be full of mistakes without you knowing it. It’s an error that’s so easy to remedy!

These loss ratios are so high for a solution that is so easy. All you need to do is proof your texts for mistakes and make sure your translations are ok before you publish your website, whether you trust your first draft or not! This simple habit could improve your sales!