Facebook Ads : an unparalleled success!

Facebook has over 900 million users. In addition, the network not only knows their age, gender and country of origin, but also their favorite movies, their areas of expertise, their hobbies, their personal hero and much more! The more you "like" Facebook pages, the more Facebook knows about your sociocultural profile. What an ideal market for a marketing strategy!

Grow your audience

Just like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads are customizable accordingly to your budget. You can choose how much you want to spend every day to grow your audience without going over your budget. A little perk of Facebook ads : You can point the ad to your Facebook page directly, or, to be more effective if you have an eshop, your WebSelf website.

Target your audience

Facebook ads go the extra miles in their levels of targeting. If you want, you can target your audience for a campaign in an extremely accurate manner. Example: You are selling fashion jewelry and you have a promotion on Nixon watches for men, your shop is in Berkeley, CA . With the Facebook ad campaigns, you can choose to display your ads to men, from 20 to 35 year old, residing in Berkeley, Ca, who are fans of Nixon on Facebook or girls that are in couple that meet these criteria too. You can even title that ad “Looking for a gift for your boyfriend?” Difficult to get an audience that’s more specific, right!? People who do not meet these criteria will not see your ad, so you are maximizing price for each click, getting rid of uninterested prospects.

A succes story

In fact, Facebook ads work so well that they’ve been featured in international news this week, via the touching story of a cat named Zion. James Woodley, a resident of a suburb of London, lost his beautiful Ragdoll cat. After trying pamphlets and door-to-door, without success, . Woodley turned to the social network. He first created a Facebook page for the missing cat Zion and asked his friends to promote ir and spread the message, but it was difficult to get out of his personal network in this way. Some questions have been received, but no more. 2 days later, when our cat owner is still didn’t get any news of his beloved cat, he decided to launch an advertising campaign that points to his Facebook page. The advertising was directed at the people living in his suburb. After the campaign was launched, 30 minutes passed and Mr. Woodley receives a message from a lady who thought he saw the cat run away into the woods after being frightened by a car. James Woodley is made made it to the woods the lady described and after shouting Zion’s name, he heard meows coming from a small cliff. By tracing the sound of the cries, he found a weakened Zion and him and his master are together now. "I am very lucky, and Zion is very lucky" said Mr Woodley, following the reunion. Without the precise targeting system of Facebook advertising, this story probable wouldn’t have had a happy ending!

If a man can find his cat by targeting his suburb, just imagine what you can do with an online shop and a properly targeted campaign!!

A Facebook success story