Finished writing your article? Great, now the work starts!

Write for the webYou released a new article in your blog : you're happy, all is well. You think the work is all done? Hold on!

The biggest part of the work of a blogger begins once the text is written and published. You write these articles for a reason, to be read and viewed, and to help your SEO! Here are some points to remember when creating your website and once your words are online!

Remember the keywords !

This part is not really after you’re done writing, but better to tell you before it is too late : remember to include your keywords in your article! No need to overdo it, but try to put a little in for good measure. For more details on your keywords, check the WebSelf blog regularly and read our previous articles on SEO!

Share your articles

Share your articles! Do not think that they will be found without efforts. Take advantage of social medias to publish your articles: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn: so many channels are available to you to talk about your business. Choose the ones where your target audience is carefully and share!

Get people to know your name

Act as an "expert" on other blogs that deal with the same subject or a related subject. You're probably not the only one who’s writing on your subject, so take the opportunity to participate in discussions and to get people to know your name, website and of course, your blog!

Use your email signature

Add an interesting article to your email signature. If you have an article you’re proud of, a strong headline or some articles that are popular, add them to your email signature. You can even take the opportunity to rotate or feature your latest article. Every way is a good way to get yourself known.

Contact your clients

Share your articles with targeted customer. You know your customers and wrote an article with some in mind? Well, tell them! Contact them by email and send them a link to the article with a note "I thought this might interest you!'

Participate in other blogs

Be a guest blogger or ask another blogger to mention you in a post. There are other blogs in the world, don’t ignore that. Don’t think of them as different or as competitors, but rather as allies. Ask and you shall receive. There‘s nothing wrong with asking to be referred to or participate in a blog that is not yours. Worst case scenario, your offer will be declined. Best case scenario, you will broaden your audience, get known, have links that point to your site and possibly get a fellow blogger as a new friend!

Reuse your articles

Recycle your old articles. Yes, you read me right. An article generally doesn’t have a long lifespan on a blog page. It is archived, forgotten. Refresh it up to date by recycling in as Facebook status, video features or as a slideshow!

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