Selling online: No downsides!

Get your own online shopDid you know that there are 27 million SMEs in the united states and less than half of them(44%) have a website? In France, we find the same situation: less than half (48%) of small businesses with fewer than 50 employees are now present on the Internet. Of these 48%, only 14% have an online store. What’s to make out of all of this? The web is a retail space in the making! By creating an online sales website quickly, you’ll be staying one step ahead of your competitors and expand your potential sales ground.

The way we shop is changing

We know the web is becoming more and more important in our lives, whether it’s the social web, like Facebook or the reference-based web, such as the Yellow Pages (let's face it, who still uses the phone book!). More and more, it also fits into our lives as consumers. Indeed, we note that 78% of Internet users search a product online before buying and that 82% of web searches are followed by a local store visit or a call. People's habits are changing. We now research the products we want, often looking for the best price or the best service. On the web, this information is available 24/7 and are easy to obtain.

Sell online

Companies that have enabled consumers to use the web as a transactional platform saw their sales incomes increase by an average of 12.7% and 57% of companies that have created a commercial site sold abroad. Consumers are not the only winners in the equation! Of course, it is easy to go shopping in pajamas, all buddled up, without ever having to talk to someone, but on the other side of the decor, it is also easy to increase sales with a minimum of effort required! With an online sales platform, either as a whole or as a complement to a real store, you can make sales outside of your business hours, without customer support, without having to pay vendors, anywhere in the world. Receive orders without lifting a finger, other than packing and posting product. That’s not very demanding!

We often note that the companies that engage in online sales before their competitors become giants in their fields. Take Amazon, for exemple. Many booksellers are losing sales to the online giant. People's habits change to such an extent that we often see a customer walking in a bookstore, look around and take out his smartphone. In only a few finger taps, the client goes online, compare the price with Amazon’s (often cheaper), proceeds to purchase online (!) And leave the bookstore. I admit that I’m guilty of this little online comparison myself! Often, the web prices wins, since these shops can keep their prices low by having a larger sales area and lower operating costs. You too can enjoy these benefits by selling your products online. If you are still unsure, you should get in on the advantages, before someone else takes your market!