SEO 101

The following poster is a summary of factors that influence your position in search engines and provides tips how you can improve your positioning.

The poster gives information about the following keypoints:

Contents and keywords

Contents is one of the key elements for referencing. Search engines prefer text content because they are easier to understand by an algorithm than images or videos. 

  1. The right choice of keyword or key-expressions for referencing is important to be able to appear in search queries that generate a steady traffic. It is therefore important to know the keywords or expressions that visitors will use to find your page and build contents accordingly around those words. Do not forget that you are writing for people and that search engines are only a secondary target. You should therefore try to avoid repeating keywords too often on your website.
  2. Internal links between your pages (on the right key-expressions) gives users easier access to detailed information and also give a better understanding of the importance of your webpages for search engines.
  3. Regular updates of unique content will help your positioning. To search engines this is an sign of regular activity on the website.


The design of your logo and it's layout are scanned by search engines to make sure that the user experience is optimal. For example, if you have publicity everywhere on your website or on places where contents could be expected, search engines will penalize your website. Never forget that the goal in designing a website is information, organisation and a clear presentation of a message. 


  1. Well-structured pages are easier to understand for search engines. So do not forget to use a good Title-tag as well as structured URL-links where words are separated by hyphens for example.
  2. It is also positive if website has a short loading time. So avoid overloading pages because that will scare away less patient visitors.


Links that point to your website are a sign of the popularity of your website and are therefore more important for search engines.

  1. The number of links is one of the main elements. The higher the number of links that point to your website, the higher the impact is on your referencing.
  2. The webdomains your links are on is also important. The higher the number of links you have on different websites that point to your website the stronger this impact will be on your referencing.
  3. The text of the links that point to your webpages have a direct influence on your positioning. It is preferable to use a link on a keyword than to use the expression 'click here' for example. In other words, you are telling search engines that this expression is important for your website.