Describe your images by using the "ALT" Attribute.

The "ALT" attribute is an alternative text describing the pictures on your site. It is used to help the search Alternative texts for your imagesengines and screen readers to interpret your images.

Stéphane Verdon in highlights that "Even if your site has a rich and relevant content, the "ALT" attribute will only reinforce what is important. "

The “ALT” attribute is important for the following reasons:

  • It provides search engines some useful information on the subject of the image. Search engines use those informations to determine relevant images to send in a query formulated by a user.
  •  It allows to display essential information to the users who are not able to visualize the images in your web page (Images/voluminous animation,slow connection or a screen reader  for those with visual impairments) the alternative text is displayed until the download is complete.
  • It plays an important role for the SEO of your site.You can use the "ALT" attribute to add keywords! But, be careful, do not create a list of keywords, because your site can be considered as spam. Instead, try using the keywords appropriately and in context. For optimal use, the alternative text must have a maximum length of 80 characters.

Method to create an "ALT" attribute:

  • Start by identifying the content and function of the image,
  • Analyze its context,
  • Choose the most appropriate alternative text.

Tip: Do not use images to display names, information or important links because the crawlers do not recognize the images that  contained text.

WebSelf offers the "ALT" attribute functionality for modules that contain images: Module Image, Slideshow.