Keywords and online search trends

Keywords in your content

You might wonder why keywords are so important.

Well, Keywords are one of the most important SEO elements for every search engine. They allow specifying the words that are related to the content of your website. Visitors who don't know your site yet, they use words or expressions in their search in order to find your website.

For this, you must first establish rules when choosing your keywords:

  1. Make a list of all the keywords or specific terms, matching your website or activity sector.
  2. Focus on the best keywords or expressions.
  3. Make a Top 10 (according to Google, users tend to type their keywords without accent and to type their expressions of 2 to 4 words), separating each term by commas.
  4. These keywords and expressions should be found in your domain name, in the description and the URLS on your pages, module title and the page content.

Tip:  Privileged the use of expressions rather than one word for your keywords, and those who are most important to be placed first.

Do you know what keywords your website is currently ranking for online? You can use Google Trends to know the volume trends of search by keywords or expressions of keywords. It allows you to determine the right keyword and even to watch the keywords of your competitors

In order to improve your position and accelerate your SEO, you can always create advertising campaigns using AdWords (where you can pay per click for an expressions chosen) and Adwords Express (where you only pay when potential customers visit your web page or calls you).

It is recommended to choose different keywords or expressions that relate directly to the content of each page. Remember that the content of your site is intended for humans and not robots. Unnecessary repetition should be avoided.

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