How does Google search work?

Google searchWe know that Google takes into consideration various factors to give each page an overall score then shows the results of the search. But did you know that one of the most important tools for is the Keywords?

The choice of keywords is crucial to be on the queries that generate a significant traffic. It is therefore important to know by what words and phrases your visitors will make a search and try to build content around that.

Here is how Google evaluates the use of keywords in a page:

  • How many times a page contains the keywords?
  • Do keywords appear in the title?
  • Do keywords appear in the URL?
  • Do keywords appear in the content?
  • Does the content include synonyms of those keywords?

Once evaluated, Google gives the page an overall score. Upon receiving a request (by specific keywords), it determines the most useful page and sends back the search result.

A search result includes three elements: 

  • A title 
  • A URL address
  • A description

Here is some clarification on the elements and why they key for your success:

The title.

Google considers page titles that include keywords, because they are considered relevant, descriptive and related to sector of activity.

The URL.

For domain names and page titles that include keywords, the chances of been taken into account by Google increase dramatically. 

The description. 

Google favors sites with a relevant description which includes keywords; because it considers them more useful to help visitors to quickly decide if this is what they are looking for.

Note: You can choose the title, URL and description of your pages in the page settings

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