Provide with your contact information in a visible position of your website

You contact infosHave you ever thought about the fact that the contact information on a website, it's almost like the signature at the end of a letter?

 By showing your contact information; you can create a professional image that adds credibility to your business.
Regrettably, every day we visit many websites that push aside the importance of providing contact information in a visible position.

Contact page

 Have you ever analyzed the content of your "Contact Us" page? Do you offer several ways for your customers to come in contact with you? (Postal address, telephone, email, contact form, social networks, and so on).

 If not, here are some recommendations and hints regarding the information you should be offering in order to maximize the effectiveness of this page:


The physical address (if applicable).

Take the time to customize the Map module, it allows you to show your location on Google Maps. It is strongly recommended to use the free geolocation service Google My Business (it can at the same time improve your SEO).


A Contact form.

A contact form is a must. WebSelf offers the Form module by default on each site. Simply customize the fields to suit the needs of your business.

The phone number/ Skype.

The number of web users via a smart phone is constantly increasing; it's time to change the "static" by “clickable” numbers!
To make a phone number clickable, use the code below in conjunction with Script module, (modify the phone number):

The email address.

Get a custom email address with your domain name and make it clickable!

But be careful to avoid getting "spammed"! The email address shouldn’t appear in plain text in the page. It’s not recommended.
So, here is a simple solution to do avoid this problem:

Use the code below in conjunction with "Script" module; modify the two parts of code and enter them in the corresponding module tabs:

In the example below, the link "Contact us by email" directs to the email address

 Script module:
Content HTML or Javascript of your script module:

Content HTML or Javascript to enter between the tab



A box Likebox.

Do you have a Professional Facebook Page? A Likebox is like a special version of the button "Like" designed only for Professional Facebook Pages.
Well, there you have it! The purpose is to facilitate communication between you and your customer!

Moreover, John Zhuang, from Winning Interactive, a Web-design & SEO optimization firm, notes that "It is a good practice to also include contact information on the side on each page, to help visitors find the information more easily”.

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