Video: A way to establish direct contact with your customers

                                                Add videos to your site

It’s well known, a large amount of text on a site, risks losing the interest of the visitor. Note that I'm not saying that your content is not important, on the contrary, it is one of the most important ranking criteria for search engines.

However, there are many tools to establish points of contact with a visitor into your site. Video is one of the most powerful of all.

Videos can help you to:

Clearly present your products and services:

Use video to showcase your product: its benefits, how it works, the process of manufacturing, design, etc. Offer informative and helpful videos to explain how the product meets the customer's needs. A better understanding of your product can be very effective in increasing your sales.

 Engage visitor’s attention:

If you offer a service, a video is a great way to bond with people who don’t know you. Show clearly what your areas of expertise and skills are. More your visitor feel comfortable with your business style, more likely to do business with you rather than a competitor.

 Get on board! Social media loves videos!

Get your visitors talking about you on social media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter and so on) Think of a video as an advertising tool that can generate traffic to your site! People are likely to share videos that are interesting and informative. See your client as a "potential sales rep."

 Do you write a blog? Add video to your articles! This is a fantastic way to encourage your visitors to share on social media! A perfect length is up to 3 minutes; otherwise the visitor begins to lose interest and retains less information.

 Get ahead of your competitors:

The online testimonials are important to promote your business. However, have you ever hear of video testimonials?

A video testimonial can be very useful for your business! Invite your customers to send you a testimonial. Invite them to create a short 23 minute video, explaining why they find useful your product or service and why they recommend it to others. A small contribution of a paragraph or two will also be welcome.

Reserve a visible spot on your site for the video testimonials. Again, "see your client as a representative of your brand."

 David Jenyns of Powered by Search advice not to forget to send a thank you email to your contributor with a link to the page where the testimonial is placed. This increases the chances of seeing your link shared with your contributor contacts!