Behind the Scenes: Webself Unfolds, part 2

 Behind the Scenes: Webself Unfolds, part 2

Do you know who is behind WebSelf? Today, we are showing you behind the scenes as we introduce another member of our team. 

After introducing Silvia in customer service in the previous episode, we head to the WebSelf artistic department in order to meet Simon. In fact, to keep up with modern trends and beautiful themes/ templates, we need creative minds. 

We asked Simon, graphic designer at WebSelf to introduce himself and answer our questions so you can know more about him and his vital role. 

Here are a few questions:

How long have you been working for WebSelf?
5½ years

What is your daily work?
I am responsible for the design and realization of almost everything that you can see while respecting the company's vision. Whether it's creating themes or working on the publisher itself, everything lands on my desk before getting under your eyes!

What pleases you the most in your work?
Having the chance to do all these amazing things with our excellent team.

Coke or Pepsi?
Dr Pepper

Mac or PC?

Sweet or salty?
I love it all!

Your favorite film?
Blade Runner. An excellent science fiction movie that I recommend to everybody. 

Something to say to our customers?
Feel free to send comments or new ideas on the design of WebSelf!