Behind the Scenes: Webself Unfolds, part 3

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Do you know who is behind WebSelf?

In previous episodes, we introduced you to Silvia, a customer service representant, and Simon, our graphic designer. Today we present to you our integrator, who happily answered some of our questions in order for you to get to know her better as well as her vital role for WebSelf 

Here are a few questions: 

How long have you been working for WebSelf?

Since January 2015

What is your job at WebSelf?

As a web integrator, I take care of programming interactive interfaces created by Simon, our designer, integrating functionalities and produce, edit and integrate different media (videos, images, animations, etc.) on our different platforms.

What pleases you the most in your work?

The teamwork: the type of job I have leads me to work with almost everybody at the office. 

The diversity of tasks: every day is different

I also like to solve problems.

Are you a cat or dog person?

Cats, because they are easier to care of but I love all animals.

The quote that characterizes you?

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.


Something to say to our customers?

They are the heart of our concerns. When creating an interface or functionality, we make sur it is simple, complete, relevant and fun to use for our customers. They are the basis of everything we do.