My RezApp: A free online booking tool for your WebSelf site

Many of you use WebSelf to promote your business.  A website is a valuable tool and you could make it even better by involving a suitable online booking system.

With MyRezApp, you will allow users to book an appointment whenever they want!

Want to learn more ? Luckily Maëlla, co-founder of MyRezApp, answers some of our questions. 

Can you tell us about MyRezApp? Who is it for?

MyRezApp is an online booking system specifically designed for working professionals who requires an appointment or a reservation. 

Whether it is to book activities (canyoning, kayaking, diving, photography courses etc.) or make an appointment (psychotherapist, osteopath, chiropractor, dietician, beauty cabinet, spa etc.) MyRezApp adapts to the constraints of each business.

We designed a flexible tool for which no technical skills are required.

Why did you create MyRezApp?

With nearly 3 billion users worldwide and 1.2 billion shoppers, the importance of the Internet is well established, but when it comes to managing reservations or schedule appointments, many still use a schedule or a paper agenda. 

Customers are often forced to call, with the disadvantages that entails: Professionals are interrupted by non-stop or missed calls, and those calls are only possible during business hours. 

Speaking of business hours appointments, 35% of bookings from our users are made outside of opening hours, it's so convenient! 

Do not have online booking system is to deprive a more effective management and ignore a large volume of potential customers. MyRezApp, provide customers with a key solution for the needs of both the professionals and their clients.

How does your online reservation system work?

MyRezApp combines planning management and online booking. The professional interface manages its services, times and availability. 

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From the data it automatically calculates MyRezApp availability and displayed it in real time.

There is no duplication possible the professional plans his times/appointment and schedules as it pleases him. 

For the user, it is also very simple. He chooses the times that fits best among those available and once the reservation is made, he receives a confirmation email.

What are the most appreciated features?

Generally, the mere fact that people can take book a slot in total autonomy is greatly appreciated!

Beyond this basic functionality, our users can choose to enable premium features like online payment or reservation reminders. Both features are very popular because they allow to effectively prevent the "no-shows" (customers who do not come to the appointment) With the advance payment at the time of booking or SMS reminder we came to divide this phenomenon by 5!

There are many other interesting features. In fact, more than just a booking engine, MyRezApp is a complete tool!

What are your rates? What do you propose to WebSelf users?

Depending on the options you want, we offer 4 non-binding offers, from 0 to € 24.92 / month. And we are pleased to offer 2-month premium subscription to WebSelf users!

To take advantage of this exclusive offer, simply visit our website and register. The discount will be automatically applied.

Thank you for all the info ! How to reach you in case of questions?

Users who want additional information or assistance can contact support:

  • via online chat
  • E-mail to
  • by phone at +33 (0) 9 72 47 52 08
  • Skype (id: myrezapp)

Thank you Maella, we wish MyRezApp a lot of success!