4 tips for choosing the best fonts for your website

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Choosing a font is a very important step in the realization of a website. Well-chosen fonts alone will improve the appearance of your site in addition to facilitate the readability and good organization of your content. Non-fitting fonts, however, may confuse your visitors and could very often be detrimental for the effectiveness of your website. Here are some tips for choosing the best fonts that will be appropriate for your content's value,  while focusing on the functionality of your web design.

1. Divide your sections

Take the time to figure out how you want to divide your content. Its organization according to its relevance is also important. It will be easier for your visitors to understand your message and see the extent of your services if each section has its own title. Choose a font for headings and a font for body of your text. The font of your title should be greater than you text in order to properly showcase the division that this title implies. Your users will then find what they are looking for much faster. 

2. Don't do too much

Keep the number of fonts you use to a minimum. Two or three are enough to keep a consistency throughout your site. If too many different fonts are used, it will be difficult for your visitors to understand what each of them refer to. Remember that a functional site must focus on simplicity to facilitate the navigation. A too large variety of fonts go against this rule!

3. What is your objective?

Who are your customers? Make sure the chosen fonts fit well to the aesthetics of your site and what you are trying to promote. A font that seems to have been written in the hand of a child would not be appropriate for a law firm's website! Concentrate on creating a uniform aesthetic that fits what you want to portray.

4. Readability and color

Decorative fonts are often very pretty, but hard to read if you use them for a simple text. Limit it's use for your titles so it creates an interesting contrast with the rest of your text. Make sure your text is readable with the background you choose. Whether it's a colored background or a photo, your text must be of a color that will allow it to stand out enough to not interfere with the reading. If your text is in front of a very textured image, try to add a colored background transparency to highlight the typography.

With the WebSelf editor, you can change the font colors of your site through the menu "Advanced" at the top of the editor. Then click "Colors and Fonts". But be careful! Changes made from this menu will affect all of the elements on your site.