6 reasons why businesses should use social medias

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Now that you've created the perfect website to your company's image, what's the next step? Your presence on social networks, of course!

Social networks are very important in your digital strategy. We must not underestimate them but it's important to remember that each network are suited best for a certain audiences and they each have different objectives. For example, a job opening within your company has a much better place on a network like LinkedIn rather than on Instagram.The majority of your customers are young? It would be better to stick with Snapchat or Twitter to communicate with them. Make sure you know your audience and adjust accordingly. 

Here are 6 good reasons to use social media for your business and how to be successful using them. 

1. Get yourself known

To increase your visibility, people need to find you quickly. Through your presence on social networks, you simplify the task, because on average, people spend 1h30 each day on social platforms. It's very easy to create a page for your business. You can communicate with your customers, inform them of your new products, etc. Don't forget to invite your friends to follow your page.

2. Retain customers

With customers who follow you on social networks, there is no better way to build loyalty. Use platforms like Twitter or Facebook for contests, promotions, special announcements, and above all, do not forget to respond to advice, complaints or feedback from your customers. Demonstrate to customers how they are important to you and they will remain loyal to you and your comapny.

3. Drive traffic to your website

Uploading content on social networks can increase traffic on your website. By adding social sharing pages on your website and mentioning the URL of your website to your social profiles, you will turn your "followes" into future customers.

4. Improve SEO

Social networks have an impact on SEO optimization. These work in conjunction, but only if social networks are used. A company that is popular on social networks will be shared, there will be more comments, likes, traffic on the website, therefore more visibility on the search engines. It's a snowball effect.

5. Reduce costs

Social networks can help you reduce costs in several ways. There is no better advertisement for your business that your social networks. In fact, job postings on LinkedIn, promoting a product on Facebook or Instagram, doing a contest on Twitter are free and effective practices for businesses. Also, you can see a cost reduction in the customer service area. For example, you can avoid calls to customer service by responding directly to questions on your social networks. On your blog, some of your readers will respond themselves to questions from other site visitors directly into the comment box.

6. Better recruit

Recruiting employees can be a difficult task but social networks can save you lots of time and money!  With LinkedIn, a social network focused on professional relationships, you can market yourself to prospective employees while targeting potential candidates.