10 tips for a successful blog

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With millions of blog posts created every day, it becomes increasingly difficult to stand out. You can't deny it, some blog posts captivates your attention and others, not at all! Want to keep your readers interested? Make your blog stand out with these 10 tips to optimize your success.

Spend time on your title

The title is the first thing your readers will notice. That's when they consider if they want to continue reading or not. Take the time to choose a strong but short title that will have an impact on your visitor. Titles that contain numbers or bullet points in the titles seem to gain popularity on the Web.

Organize your article

The organization of your article is important. Make sure you have good content, then divide it into captivating subcategories. Also, write short and precise articles: you will not want to put your readers to sleep with a 30 lines text that could have been summed up in 30 words! You have lots of knowledge about a specific topic? Make a list to replace the endless paragraphs.
Tip: Try to keep your articles under 750 words.

Talk about topics that interest you

It's easy to tell the difference between a blogger who is passionate about what he/she wrote and one that is not. Make sure to master the subject you are talking and above all, always be honest: your readers will remain loyal.

Keep it updated

A blog requires maintenance. You are a very busy person? Take the time to plan well. Make a list of topics and write articles when you have time. It is best to start with one article per week and increase gradually.
Warning! It is important to write articles on a regular basis to captivate the attention of your readers.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Do not bore your readers with paragraphs that never end, instead: add images, videos or other media related to your text in your articles. The information will become more prominent and increase traffic to your blog. Make sure you carefully select high image quality with an adequate size. 

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Be accessible to your readers

Who do you write for? This is the first question you should ask yourself when starting a blog. In fact, knowing your audience is very important: it will allow you to adapt your topics according to what your readers expect from you and what interests them. Speaking about your readers: get them involved! Be open to comments, questions and encourage feedback!

Add variety

Your customers do not always want to read the same type of articles. Add different categories and write on topics outside your core business (make sure you still master the subject)! Show your customers what happens during a day in your offices with a "behind the scenes" article or contact a guest blogger to write an article about a topic you are less familiar with!

Learn how to use internal and external links

You have a lot of knowledge on a topic but do not want to lose your readers or even worse, put them to sleep? Why not add internal and external links! This will allow you to direct your readers to articles on your blog, your website (internal links) and on other relevant websites (external links).
Tip: The links should appear in different tabs to not lose your readers along the way.

Add your personal touch

A blog is a great way to show who you are. Do not forget that sometimes, it's good to think outside the box: it's one of the main advantages of blogs! Add a personal touch to your articles talking about topics that interest you. Do not be afraid to give your opinion on topics of current events or to create content straight from your imagination, there are no limits!

Share on social networks

Take advantage of social media being so popular these days by using them as free advertising for your blog! Share your articles on different platforms and invite your friends to do the same! You will increase traffic to your website in addition to promoting your business!

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