Behind the Scenes: Webself Unfolds, part 4

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Do you know who is behind WebSelf?

In previous episodes, we introduced you to Silvia of customer service, Simon, our graphic designer and Catherine, our integrator.

Because not everyone can comprehend software by creating algorithms and implement them in a programming language, we need programmers like Alessandro. Today we asked him a few questions to learn more about him and his vital role for WebSelf.

Here we go with a few questions: 

How long have you been working for WebSelf?

I have been working for WebSelf since the month of April 2016

What is your job at WebSelf?

I am a programmer. I help develop the many features of WebSelf. I also fix any bugs that could appear in the editor.

What pleases you the most about your work?

The diversity of projects and challenges in each of them. At WebSelf, every day is different and I like the change. The various tasks and projects help me stay motivated.

What is your favorite feature of the WebSelf editor?

I am currently creating  an interface that allows customers to buy images from a third-party company. This is a feature I love, because I had to design it from scratch. 

What are your hobbies?

I do a lot of sports and I like to walk around Québec, discover new places.

Something to say to our customers?

WebSelf is an easy tool to create a website quickly. It is ideal for people who are not comfortable with the web world. I highly recommend it!

Your idea deserves a great site! Create your free website today!

Image blog WebSelf