The first 1000 "likes"

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You created a Facebook page to go with your magnificent website? Or vice versa? Congratulations, diversity should be a key element in your web marketing strategy. To reach more people and make yourself known as a company, association, sports club, etc., it is essential to be present where potential customers are: social networks, websites, forums, partner pages, etc!

Now that the page is created, how do you get your first 1000 likes? A rather difficult task, but here are some tips to help you. Although they do not guarantee you 1,000 fans within a day,  these tips can dramatically improve the popularity of your Facebook page.

1. Link your Facebook page to your website

This is the first step! To generate traffic to your website and on your Facebook page, you need to link them together, creating external links from and to your website (Pssst: it's very good for your SEO optimization, too!)

How? It's simple: on your website, simply add a call-to-action button encouraging people to visit your Facebook page. And on Facebook, in your dashboard to the left, you can add a link directly to your website. Easy as 1-2-3 and very effective! For more information, visit our support page.

2. Quality Content

We can’t say it enough! Bet on quality content that is appropriate for your audience to increase your number of subscribers. The beauty of social networking is that it’s the people who come to you, they are the one who choose to “follow”, or “like” you: your only task is to simply encourage them to do so! By posting interesting content that will capture your visitor’s attention, they will tend to the "like", "comment" or even "share", which greatly increases the population reach of your posts. In addition, it is important to interact with your audience. In your posts, ask questions, encourage them to comment, announce contests, promotions, share unique content, etc.

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3. Invite all your friends 

When you play sports, an instrument, or are part of a musical, family and friends are usually your first fans! Same goes for your Facebook page. Invite them to “like” your page and suggest that they invite their friends, and so on! Choose this simple solution offered by Facebook or send customized messages to all your friends kindly invited them to give you your first "likes".

4. Sponsored Content

Starting a business can be expensive, but why spend so much money if people can’t see your online presence? Facebook offers to "sponsor" your posts at low prices. Depending on your daily or weekly budget (you decide), the content will bedisplayed on timelines of people that aren’t following you already. For the content you wish to sponsor, make sure it is appropriate for a large audience, it’s informative and it makes people want to visit (and subscribe) to your page!

5. Statistics: when, what, who?

With this simple tool  (thanks, Facebook), you can view your page’s statistics which can help you immensely for your future posts. With stats such as gender and age of those who follow you, the scope of your publications, source of "likes", etc,  you have everything to transform it into a huge success! 80% of your visitors are women aged 24-39 years living in Paris? Share content tailored to that specific audience, simple as that!

Note that the success of a Facebook page is not necessarily a direct correlation with the number of likes, but with the number of people it reaches. Also, be patient: you will not have 1000 subscribers overnight, unless you are Google or Facebook! ;)