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Fall is right around the corner, which means that the temperature is gradually changing, the leaves are turning from green to orange to red and soon, it will be time to get your snowboard out! (Not right now, anyways). 

Since the change of season also means a wardrobe renewal, WebSelf decided it was time to offer new templates that everyone will love! Music festival, mexican restaurant, surf shop, marketing consultant: we guarantee you will find one that fits your wants and needs. Here are seven of our favorites. Happy website building!

1. Cupcake shop

Who doesn’t love this sweet and decadent dessert? Your customers will be crazy about your cakes (and your website) with this cupcake shop design. Remember to include your seasonal flavors and add delicious images!

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2. Church

Religious communities will be pleased with this church design. Simple to create but with a professional look, it's time to showcase your service hours, your community involvement as well as your monthly activities!

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3. Marketing Consultants

You are an expert in the marketing world? You offer personalized and specialized services for growing businesses? Use this marketing consultant design to make your name known and win a few customers. You’re the pro!

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4. Mexican Restaurant

This beautiful Mexican design will satisfy foodies everywhere! Exciting menu, mouth-watering images, a festive atmosphere, tacos and a Corona? Gather around the table, it’s a fiesta!

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5. Surf Shop

Maximize your online presence by using this surf shop design for your growing business. Do not forget to add photos of your new products, your business hours as well as some tips for beginners. Ready to catch a few waves?

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6. Wedding

Wedding bells are ringing! With this beautiful wedding design, you will make your guests as excited as you for the big day! Plus, it is the only thing that won’t cost you a penny!

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7. Music Festival

Impressive artists? Check. Festival outfits? Check. Best friends? Check. A superb site WebSelf? Check. You are ready for this epic musical weekend!

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