The importance of a logo

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Building a business from the ground up is a task that requires to make several choices that will influence its success, from the website’s colors to the markup prices. A very important choice to make at the beginning of the process is creating your logo. After all, a logo will be the heart of your brand’s image, it’s what people will recognize and it needs to fit with the values and mission of your company. Yes, a logo is very important and most people even wonder where to start but don’t worry, here is a handy guide that will help you go through the logo making process, with a few tools and tricks along the way!


First, it’s good to know the importance that a logo can have on your business. Think about your favorite brands, those logos that come naturally in your mind. Although a logo does not ensure the success of a company, it’s the central image of the brand, it’s visual identity. When you create a logo you are satisfied with, you will want to put it everywhere: social networks, business cards, on the side of a car, and on your website, of course!

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Your logo should be:

  • Consistent: Since the logo is basically your brand’s image (you get it by now), the colors used should be similar to those on your website, Facebook page, etc. Keep in mind “consistency”, to avoid confusion and lack of credibility.

  • Simple: A logo should be easy to remember. Don’t forget, people should recognize you when they see your logo. Think of the big brands, their logos are simple enough, like Apple's apple "or F" for Facebook ".

  • Flexible: A logo should easily fit on several types of screens, mobile phones as well as tablets. It should also be easy to apply to any surface, such as business cards, on a t-shirt or a poster.

  • Timeless: You don't want to change your logo every year because it is outdated or you aren’t satisfied with it. Trends change rapidly, so keep your logo simple and classic. If you change your logo every two months, you will lose credibility and visibility.

Luckily for you, there are several online logo making tools to help you create the best fit for your company! While some prefer to use graphic experts to create their logo, there are now online tools that are absolutely free or at very little cost and they require no technical knowledge, only your imagination! You have an idea of ​​the logo you want to create? We have tried many and this was our favorite: FreeLogoDesign

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FreeLogoDesign is an online logo maker. It allows entrepreneurs, small businesses, artisans and associations to create professional looking logos in minutes. You only have to select a template according to your “company type” , add your text and edit it until you are satisfied with the result. Just like WebSelf, you can edit everything: colors, shapes, the addition of lines, text, etc. When completed, you will receive an email with a free version or your final logo or you have the option to choose a high-resolution format for very cheap. This alternative is great if you want to use your logo commercially, or you need to enlarge it (for a poster, for example).

Yes, creating a logo is a crucial step in the development of a business and it should not be taken lightly. While there are tools and experts in the field to help you, keep in mind that the creation of a logo does not happen overnight. Make several logos, ask experts opinion, colleagues, friends, family, and wait to be absolutely sure before taking the plunge!

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