Important checklist before publishing your website

Important checklist before publishing your websiteYou found inspiration to create a business? Congratulations! Now is the time to create your website! Before you publish it online for the world to see, you need to make sure it’s perfect! Today, WebSelf gives you a checklist of items you need to do before you put your website online! These items will help you greatly, whether for design and inspiration or to increase your chances of being successful using the web!

1. A business plan

The first step when starting a business is to make a “game plan”. It is during this step that you establish your goals, objectives and your target market. It's very important to have a clear and precise picture of what you want to achieve with your business because you will find it easier to design your website afterwards.

2. A meaningful business name

While it may seem trivial to "think" of a name for your business, it is not to be overlooked. It will represent your company, and that's how people will recognize you. Think of a name that will be easy to remember for people, but also has an important meaning for you. Test multiple names with your friends, colleagues and family and ask for help choosing the perfect name for your business!

3. "Design" Inspiration

What colors will appear on your site? How many pages will you have, and what names are you going to give them? Have a good picture of what your site should look to accelerate the creation process. Remember that your site should be in continuity with the rest of your brand. The cohesion between the colors, fonts and text boxes must be in harmony for the perfect “wow” effect! For tips to improve the design of your website, read our article about that topic!

4. Interesting content

Content is one of the most important factors for the success of your website. People who get to your website should be impressed at first glance, since most Internet users leave a website in 3 seconds or less. That means you only have a few seconds to make a good first impression and convince them to stay on your site longer. Quality content with important keywords will also help the SEO of your website!

5. Quality Images

Whether you use your own pictures or ones from the web, your photos should always be of quality and appropriate for your target audience. Note that if you take your photos on the web, they must be legally taken as a matter of copyright! Need help with your photos? Check out our articles: Everything you need to know to have the best images for your website and 6 tools for stunning photos for your website!

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6. A powerful logo

A logo is the heart of your brand. It is important not to ignore it and to be proud of it before reaching a final result! You will want to put your logo everywhere: on your social networks on your website and on promotional items for your business! Before you jump into designing your logo, do not forget to read our article: The importance of logo for your business.

7. A personalized domain name

Don’t think about your domain too much: the obvious option should be the name of your company. But if it is not available, you might have to use your imagination: why not add the name of your city at the end or a pronoun in the beginning? Different extensions are also an available option (.com, .org., .net, .com.) For more information, get advice in our article about domain names.

Did you know that by buying a pro or business subscription plan, we give you a domain name of your choice, if it is available!  

8. Marketing Objectives / Social networks

Now that your website is almost finalized, it's time to showcase it on the web and what better way than to share it on social networks! Create a Facebook page to support your site and why not try to hashtag world with Twitter? Need tips to get your first 1000 likes? Good, we have an article on the topic!

9. Test and ask for opinions

A website will never be perfect, especially after a first draft. You are happy with your site? Good. But still, you should seek advices from your  friends, family or colleagues. Sometimes a second or even third opinion will make you realize things that you hadn’t seen! You made a mistake or you want to make changes? No problem! Remember that with WebSelf, it is possible to modify your website, and as many times as you like, whether it had already been published or not.

10. You’re ready to publish your website

You are 100% satisfied with your website and your entourage approves? It's time to click on "Publish" and encourage your friends to visit, share your masterpiece on social networks and add the link to your business cards!

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