Offer Online Appointment Booking - Customers Love It and You Save a Lot of Time

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With WebSelf, a free online presence is at your fingertips. With it's easy to use editor, you can create a beautiful website at your image in a few clicks! To go further, we are introducing you to our partner, Booxi that will help you save time and money through its intelligent online appointment solution.

Nowaday, online visibility is a key strategy for your business to succeed. So you must have a website and make sure it generates traffic.

To get a good return on investment from your website and its traffic, you must make sure to convert your visitors into customers. A simple and effective way to do this is to add online booking directly on your website. This way, you simplify the appointment booking for your customers and increase your conversion rate. Customers love online booking because they can do it at any time, without picking up the phone, and they get an email confirmation. They will be able to immediately without forgetting, nor being tempted by an offer or your competition.

In addition to engage your visitors, online booking allows you to enjoy benefits such as:

Allowing your customers to book appointments online at any time. Statistics show that as soon as you offer this functionality, 20% of your customers book online; which is estimated to be a time saving of 7.5 hours per month; time that you will no more be spending on the phone.

Reducing no-shows from 13% to less than 2%, and avoiding the associated loss of income; thanks to the automated confirmations and reminders by email and text message. Email reminders have a 100% opening rate, and appointments get automatically added to their personal calendar, which is why you can almost completely avoid no-shows.

You finally get a list of all your customers with for each, their appointment history and notes. The list gets updated everytime a new customer books online or on the phone. You then know when was their last appointment, and what service was provided, with notes; therefore, you can provide a better and personalized service.

It is time to change the way you do business and use a solution that works for you.

Which is what booxi offers, a simple and affordable solution to manage your appointments, remind your clients and easily add online booking on your website.

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