How to edit your photos using the WebSelf editor

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With the Webself photo editor, you have everything you need to turn ordinary photos into professional-looking ones. From cropping, to correcting the color, adjusting the sharpness of the image, everything is there. This editor, powered and developed by Aviary, will certainly help you bring your images to the next level.

Before you start, make sure you have the rights to use that image on your website. In fact,  it’s not because you can find a picture on Google images that you have the “right” to use it. (If you are looking for free resources, here are some.) Start with a good-quality photo; the WebSelf tool is very powerful, but it isn’t miraculous. To open the photo editor, drag and drop your photo into a zone then right-click on it. Select "Edit Image" for the photo editor to appear. Use the "Cropping" tool to crop your image if necessary. Once this is done, you are ready to start!

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Adjust light and color

First, some of the most significant adjustments for your image are the brightness and color. The "Enhance" tool is specially designed to make that task as simple as possible. Only a few clicks allow you to illuminate and change the colors of your image. In the editor, you have three options: "High Definition,” to improve clarity, "Illuminate,” to increase brightness, and "Color Fix,” to adjust colors. You can combine and/or modify the effects until you are satisfied, and then save your photo to return to the WebSelf photo editor, and continue your modifications.

Adjust Sharpness

You think your picture is lacking sharpness? Use the "Sharpness" function to improve considerably the photo. You can increase or decrease the sharpness at your convenience until you are satisfied.

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Correct Imperfections

Now that the overall look of your photo has been improved, you may notice some small flaws to remove. Several features of the WebSelf photo editor can help you fix those. The three most relevant are "RedEye", which allows you to fix the red eyes very quickly, "Whiten,” to whiten your teeth or eyes, and "Blemish,” to erase any imperfections.

Give your photos an “Instagram” effect

Finally, for the Instagram fanatics, the WebSelf photo editor has a function that you will most likely love.In the "Effects" category, you will find several Instagram like filters. Black and white effects, sepia tones, retro effect, you will without a doubt find a style that you like.

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