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The WebSelf online store is now available!

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Do you want to sell products or services on the web? Webself now makes this possible with it’s new online store!

After several months of work, we are very happy to offer you our new online store feature, allowing you to easily sell your products or services via WebSelf

The features

To create an online store that meets your expectations, WebSelf offers you all the tools you need. Moreover, creating an ecommerce site does not require any technical knowledge: simply add your items, your payment methods, configure your settings like delivery and currencies and conquer new markets on the web!

  • Wide selection of templates: Whether you sell clothes, jewelry, or digital products, you will surely find a template that you will like among our wide selection.

  • A customized product catalog: Combine your different products by categories to facilitate the consumer shopping experience. You will also have control over all product options: color, size and pattern that will be available for your visitors.

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  • Secure payments: WebSelf offers Stripe, Paymill and PayPal as payment methods. Completely secure, these encrypted payment systems are widely used on the Internet including payment by credit card and credit card.

  • Optimized for SEO: Your ecommerce website will be configured with the latest search engine methods to ensure that your products are positioned as best as possible online.

  • Autonomous management: With WebSelf you have the flexibility to choose how you want to manage your inventory. Indications appear when your product comes in limited quantity or out of stock: you will be notified by e-mail in order to anticipate this aspect. Manage your store in a completely autonomous way.

  • Marketing tools: Which products are your best sellers? How many visitors does your e-shop attract each week? WebSelf offers you statistics about your store as well as marketing tools to increase your online success. Do not forget to check out our blog for even more tips and tricks!Image blog WebSelf

  • Customizable taxes and delivery parameters: It is easy to manage the taxes applied to your products, as well as shipping and transport costs. Do you have duty-free products? Want to apply different shipping charges depending on the destination? No problem.
  • An international boutique:  Did you know that with Webself, you can sell your products internationally? In addition to being able to sell your items in different currencies, it is you who decide the countries of sale and deliveries of your products. Use the multilingual feature to conquer new markets.

Ready to get started?