How to build a strong brand image

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Branding is much more than a logo and a slogan: it's all about how people perceive your business. A good brand image is very important to build trust with your customers, along with giving you a good advantage over your competitors: it will help you stand out from them and will add consistency to your communication channels.

What is branding?

The way you are perceived by your clientele, your reputation. A combination of: your products or services, your values, your mission, and your logo. In short, everything related to your communication: what message you wish to deliver and most importantly, how?

Where to start

Think About Your Business

A good branding starts with a reflection on your business. Who are you? What services do you offer? How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors? Why should your future customers choose you over another? What are your values ​​and mission? These are questions you need to ask yourself before you start any branding process. After this reflection, you will be able to keep 2 or 3 characteristics of your company that you want to put emphasis on, for example, professionalism, dynamism, loyalty, etc.

Create a clear message

The next question to ask is, how are you going to get your message across? You must find a strategy that will allow you to put forward the result of your reflection. That’s where the characteristics that you have defined will be very useful. Just be logical, and do some homework. All graphic and communicative elements should be chosen based on your message, and your target audience. For example, if professionalism is on your characteristic list, you can think of neutral colors, straight and clear fonts, as well as streamlined visuals. In contrast, if you want to express dynamism, choose saturated colors, script fonts, and an explosive visual. In short, your whole approach will depend on this strategy. To help you develop your strategy, here are some articles that might be useful:

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Create a coherent visual

Finally, once you have defined your approach, you are now ready to develop your visuals. Create a professional looking logo and develop a strong graphic approach (colors, fonts, visuals) that you will respect through all your communication methods. You can now use all of your branding across social media, business cards and create your own personalized website with WebSelf.  

To conclude, once your vision is clear and your visual is up to your expectations, make sure to convey it consistently across all your platforms, your customers are counting on you!

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