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Greenary: Pantone's color of the year 2017

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Each year, Pantone announces a color that will be named “color of the year”. This year, the chosen color is Greenery. Inspired by nature and all these pretty leaves, this refreshing tint inspires novelty and new beginnings. Easily arranged with all kinds of shades, Greenery is a logical sequel to the two colors of the year 2016, rose quartz and serenity. Here at WebSelf, everyone agrees that this color is timely and that it will probably inspire us all year in everything design-related! Here are a few ways to integrate it into your website, by mixing it with all kinds of color palettes

Image blog WebSelfMix it with its complementary color, magenta, for a dynamic effect.

Image blog WebSelf

(88B04D, F5E3E0, E8B4BC, 550527, 660D36)

Or with pastel shades, also very popular in 2017.

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(88B04B, FFA69E, DC9B6, FAF3DD, B8F2E6)

The saturated colors also complement it wonderfully!

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(88B04B, FF595E, FFCA3A, 1982C4,6A4C93)

For a more conventional vibe, it also marries very well with neutral colors

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(88B04B, 353535, FFFFFF, D2D7DF, BDBBB0)

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