How to use Twitter for your business

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When starting a business, there are several questions you should ask yourself: what is your target market, what price you will have to sell your product/service in order to breakeven, and make profits, which social platforms you will use, and so on. Although we often talk about Facebook and Linkedin to create business accounts, we often forget about Twitter. Twitter is a social network with several million subscribers and has been the first to introduce a very popular phenomenon: the hashtag. Today, let’s talk about this platform and how to use it for your business!

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You don’t know what Twitter is?

In short, Twitter is a social platform with over 313 million active monthly users each month throughout the world. It consists of writing 140 or less character statuses, called Tweets. You can add links, photos or videos. You can also retweet tweets that may be of interest to your subscribers as they will now appear on your page! It is a very active platform and a great way to communicate directly with your audience.

Should you use Twitter? It is ideal for:

  1. Companies with a younger target audience

  2. Companies that have a lot of changing information (restaurant: special lunch menu, movie theater, ice cream shop,  etc.)

  3. Companies that want to put the emphasis on communicating directly with the audience.

  4. Etc.

For more information, refer to this Twitter page


Hashtags. #

The hashtag is often used on Social Networks, and specifically on Twitter, to identify a keyword or a specific topic. Its goal? Facilitate searches.

Create custom # (we use hashtags: # CreateAWebsite, #Webself, #TeamWebself, for example) or add popular hashtags to your publications! There are not really limits to # that we can use, except, obviously, the 140 character limit, however, we are told that 2 would be ideal for an almost perfect tweet!


Your subscribers.

The Twitter community is very active, so if you use it as a social platform, it's important to be interact often with your audience. To mention subscribers in a tweet, simply add an @ before the Twitter name and they will receive a notification that they have been mentionned. You can say hello to your new followers, answer questions or comments, etc.

Example: Thanks to @WebSelf, I can finally create a website, for free! #Thankyou #CreateAfreeWebsite

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Quality content.

Of course, there are several types of posts. WebSelf uses twitter to publish blog articles, showcase beautiful customer websites, photos as well as current promotions. We 'retweet’ people who use certain hashtags or our partner’s posts.

Psst: be careful not to use any generalizations, derogatory comments or negative 'Retweets'.


Your statistics.

Twitter gives you the ability to create an account for your business. They even provide a helpful use guide, information about Twitter features and well as basic statistics about your posts. Similar to Facebook, you can analyze numbers, like the your posts interactions, your new followers, etc.

Have you created your account yet?