How to give your website a makeover in 4 easy steps

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Spring, a period of renewal! It’s the perfect time to clean the house and start fresh. Take this opportunity to do the same with your website by revamping and updating it just in time for Spring! Follow these 4 steps to give your website a makeover in almost no time!

Edit/Change your photos

It is well known: a picture is worth a thousand words. Changing a few images on your website can therefore make all the difference. Luckily, with WebSelf, you can do this in just a few clicks. It may be time for you to invest in quality images and hire a professional photographer to make your corporate photos, it will truly set you apart from your competitors and bring your website to the next level.

If you are not ready to invest in such an amount, there are several other options available. For example, there are image banks, which offer you professional images for cheap, or even some free website where you can find professional pictures, including WebSelf’s photo library! There is therefore no reason for you to have poor quality images on your website.

Focus on the home page

If you don’t have time to do a complete redesign of your website, focus on your homepage. This is the first page that your visitors will see, therefore the most important. Make sure your message is clear and your visitors can find most of what they are looking for on that first page. Nice pictures, a catch phrase and a call-to-action button is all you need to attract your visitor's attention. Get inspired by our templates to ensure a high quality home page!

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Barber shop 

Baby online store

Ask around

Often, two heads are better than one, so ask around for your friends and family’s opinion on your website, maybe they will see things that you haven’t or they will have good insights. With the WebSelf editor, it is possible to share your website easily by clicking on "Preview" and "Share". The editor gives you a unique link that you can share in order to have their opinions. Gather a few comments and analyze their insights to see what’s good, and what you could change.

Be careful

The smallest details can make all the difference. Check your texts and titles, to make sure that the readability is ideal and that everything is constant (same fonts for all titles, same button style everywhere). Also make sure your content is up-to-date and that your links are working. Finally, be sure to align your content and check for spelling errors that may be hidden in your texts. This will only take a few minutes but it definitely be worth it!

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