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How to be happier at work

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Did you know that on average, an adult will work over 21% of his life? This statistic can be depressing… but it doesn’t have to be! The number falls to 0% when you believe the famous saying, "do what you love and you will not work a single day in your life.” Well, it may be exaggerated, but the important thing is to remember that the higher your happiness level, the less you will feel like working. But how to be happier at work? Here are six tips that will surely make you smile!

1. Constantly learn new things

Have you ever heard the saying by Sir Francis Bacon ‘‘Knowledge is power’’?

In fact, the simple fact of constantly having new learning challenges at work will keep you motivated. Of course, your job may become a bit redundant, but by continuing  to learn, you are expanding your opportunities and chances to have more various tasks. Get out of your cubicle and also find out what your colleagues are doing. With the sharing of ideas and skills, it's crazy what you can accomplish! Try and see for yourself!

2. Get Involved

The best way to keep your job from becoming redundant and dull? Involve yourself and get out of your comfort zone. In correlation to the first point, getting involved in new tasks, projects or taking a new employee under your wing can be considerable motivation factors.

3. Keep your workspace organized

Did you know that having an organized work space not only increases your productivity, but also reduces your stress level? Having a cluttered desk will make you lose concentration, and therefore valuable work time! So it's time to get rid of the papers that have been lying on your desk for ages and make some room for your creativity!

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4. Cultivate a good attitude

Just being positive and having a good attitude will make you happier at work. Leave your troubles at home and focus only on your work. Having a good attitude also means being courteous and polite with your co-workers, who could become friends!

5. Stay positive about changes

If you intend to keep your job for a while, it is very likely that you will have to adjust to changes in your business, whether they are structural, administrative or financial. These changes are (ideally) made in order to improve certain aspects of the business. Remain positive about the changes and be flexible. It will be easier for you to adapt; your bosses and colleagues will thank you.

6. Take time for yourself

This small 15-20 minutes break could be more beneficial than you think. In fact, it's almost impossible to stay 100% focused on our work during a full day! Take a few minutes to walk, go outside and breathe in fresh air, drink a coffee, chat with your colleagues and come back to work more focused and efficient!

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