Small business marketing tips and trends

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In a world where we are exposed to more than 4000 ads every single day, if you want to create a business, you must stand out from the crowd, and especially with your marketing strategy. Contests, live videos, informative ads, we rarely spend a day without being absolutely blown away by a marketing stunt.

Today, we are talking about four popular marketing trend that will surely help if you’re having trouble determining your marketing strategy.

1. Video Marketing

Even if your content is interesting, some people do not like to read long texts and prefer to watch videos. Videos are a great way to capture the attention of potential customers.  When you are filming, here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Film a good quality video: no need for a professional camera, just make sure the lighting is clear and bright, that we can hear you well and that the video is not pixelated.
  • Make sure your customers are learn something: When your customers are watching your videos, they want to have ‘an experience.’ Make sure they learn, win something or willing to share with their contacts.
  • Add a little personal touch: Humor, creative visuals, contest; add a creative and personal touch to encourage people to listen until the end.

Tip: Go live! There are plenty of opportunities for live video on the web! Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, among others, allows you to record live video and it is a great way to retain your customers. You can use these to show daily funny moments at the office, make online contests, etc.

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2. Social Media Marketing

When you are in business, you should ideally use social networks to your advantage. Social networks are a great way to increase your visibility in addition to creating a community with your customers. There are several ways to use social networks in your marketing strategy.

  • Advertisements: For example, on Facebook, you can create ads that will be sponsored. These ads can be programed and will only be visible to the target audience you have chosen. It is also possible to sponsor content on other platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter.
  • Influencers: More and more companies rely on influencers to market their products and make them known. In exchange for the product or service (or other), the influencers will share their opinion on the product with their subscribers. Instagram is often used by influencers and it works, since it is becoming more and more popular!

3. Mobile Marketing

In recent years, the mobile has experienced a meteoric rise. That's why it's important to keep in mind that your content needs to be optimized not only on computer screens but also for mobiles, smartphones, tablets, etc.

Have you ever thought of trying marketing via text messages instead of traditional emails? It is said that 93% of people have a smartphone and 98% of all text messages are open. Since this technique is gaining popularity, there are now several application options that will help you create your campaigns, edit them, pre-schedule them, and send them to your customers. To help you make a good choice that fits your needs, here is a review on this topic.

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4. Blogs

Want to increase your visibility? Have you ever thought of having guest bloggers your blog or better yet, get invited to write blog posts?

First of all, if you have a blog, great! Not only will it create a community with your customers, but it can help your business in several other ways, including SEO, reputation, reputation, etc.! Being invited to write articles on another blog is great, since you can write articles on topics you master but you can also talk about your company and the benefits of your products / services.

Do some research on the web to find companies that are similar to yours, but also that might be complementary. Form simple partnerships, for example, an article exchange every 2-3 months with a mention on social networks. In a short time, you have just doubled your visibility!

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