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Great news: The HTTPS protocol available on all WebSelf websites

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Your WebSelf websites will be safer than ever! Over the next few days, we will activate SSL / HTTPS encryption for the entirety of your website and we will do this for free. This technology ensures a secure connection between your browser and your website, and protects your visitors when they are on your website. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure is the secure protocol by which your browser communicates with the sites. When using a HTTPS site, the data is encrypted and authenticated and therefore secure.

Benefits of HTTPS

  1. Now, it will not only be your online shop that is secured but the entirety of your website. All your pages and sub-pages will now be protected, an undeniable benefit for you and your visitors.
  2. An additional advantage for you: the use of the HTTPS secure protocol is a criterion taken into account by the Google algorithm. Your WebSelf website will, therefore, be better evaluated by the search engines.

On your side

As a current customer, you have nothing to do: the change will be done automatically and your content and design will remain unchanged! Customers with a domain with us will receive an e-mail from Amazon (the company that provides SSL certificates: Certificate approval for "Your domain name"), but we will do the processing on our side.

Thank you for your loyalty!

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