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WebSelf: 2017 in review

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Although the year 2017 is not quite over, 2018 is almost here! Stay tuned, as we are getting ready for an exciting new year with several new features and surprises.

But for now, we’ve decided to review 2017, which has been a great year for us! With the arrival of the new online store in November 2016, we were able to make several additions in 2017 to improve and perfect the tool, among others features

Here is the perfect opportunity to review this year and introduce you to new employees who have been fundamental additions to our team in 2017!

The new features

The Webself white label

For a few months now, we’ve been offering web agencies and individuals the opportunity to use WebSelf under the white label, meaning using WebSelf to create websites but under their banner. For more information, please visit this page.

New templates

We’ve created over 50 new templates in different activity sectors, including several new online stores and blogs! From the beauty salon to the trendy restaurant, and the travel blog, there is without a doubt a template for everyone’s business needs! Check out the full list of new templates.

New online store features

We’ve added several new features to the online store, like product banners or personalized text. For more, read this article.

Webself in Spanish

Another huge news this year, we translated WebSelf in Spanish to better serve our international customers! Visit the Spanish website.


This year, we’ve also made your websites even safer by activating the SSL / HTTPS certificate, free of charge. This technology ensures a secure connection between your browser and your website. protecting your visitors when they visit your website.

New employees

In 2017, we had the pleasure of expanding our team with the arrival of Samuel and Victor, programmer and web manager. You had the opportunity to get to know them as well as to learn more about their role at WebSelf!

Meet Samuel, web programmer

Meet Victor, project manager

In Conclusion

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