The ideal structure of a website

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In today’s entrepreneurial world, a website is now an essential tool. Creating a website requires the willingness to succeed and before you get started, you must ask yourself the right questions, for example: what are my visitors looking for, how can I entice them to be interested in my services, what are my business’s strengths that I could put forward, etc.

Your website should be awesome, but also functional and unique, always taking into account your audience. Today, we discuss the ideal structure for a 4-5 page website. Of course, each website is unique, and the structure can differentiate according to the field of activity and personal taste, but here is a basic structure to help you create a strong web presence!

1- / Homepage

The creation of your website begins with a striking homepage, it requires a rigorous work, because it is this page that your visitors will see first, and just like in real life, you only get one chance at a first impression. This page must be created with great care, it must reflect your company, dotted with your personal touch.

Webself allows you to add ''call to action'' buttons, you can read this article to learn more. These tools put at your disposal allow you to keep your visitors a little longer on your website, therefore increasing the chances that the visitor becomes a customer. These buttons make your site even more functional because you can direct them to other pages of your website such as your contact page, about, blog and shop, for example. Understand your audience, but focus on what they are really looking for because nothing is more frustrating for someone not to find the content they are looking for in the first place.

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2- / Your offers: products or services

Following the creation of your homepage, you will need to create your offer pages. These pages must be clear and precise at all costs for your potential customers, it would be a shame to have managed to catch the attention of your audience and then lose it now. Bet on quality visual, and avoid texts that are too long. Visitors want to know quickly what are your offers, at what price, and if you have a current sale!

WebSelf offers you the opportunity to create an online store, to sell your physical and digital products on the web, easily. The management of your store is 100% independent: inventory, prices, taxes, delivery, etc., and we do not take any commission on your sales!

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3- / Contact page

Don’t forget about your contact page! If, until now, you have managed to capture your audience and interest them in your offers, then give them the opportunity to contact you if necessary.

  1. Use a professional email address, that will testify to the professionalism of your business.
  2. Add a phone number that you use.
  3. if you have a store, add a google map with your physical address.
  4. Create a contact form so that they can ask all sorts of questions or clarifications that they could have.

4- / About

If you have more to say about your company, it is on this page that you can do it. You can explain the story of your business, or use it to introduce your team if you have one. You can also talk about your experience because it will reassure your customers and show them that you are a professional.

Take an example: I am a business leader in the field of construction. My about page should include pictures of my accomplishments, the history of my company and some images of my team members. The example of this sector of activity is interesting to study, because the costs to the customer can be quite important, your role here is to reassure your audience, to put showcase your quality and the results they can get using your services.

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5- / Other pages

You can add other pages that you think are necessary, but keep in mind that less is more and it is better to have a website that is short and clear instead of the opposite. Focus on creating strong pages, the ones we talk about above, always taking into account your target audience, using the same tone and style on each pages.  

However, adding a blog can be a plus for your business, because it allows you to add content to your website while increasing your search engine positioning and developing a sense of community with your visitors. The blog can serve as a communication tool in its own right, but it can also serve as a support for announcing news, future updates, advice on the use of new products, etc.

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A well executed website will undoubtedly allow you to offer a greater visibility, reach a wider public, and increase your clientele! So, don’t wait any longer, start creating your website with WebSelf, today!

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