4 Tips to Help Write More Content

Image blog WebSelfDid you just create your own blog? Congratulations! We wish you a lot of success. What inspired you to leap at first? Was it to reach more people or because you have a lot to tell? Whatever the reason why, did you know that a blog can help the ranking of your website? In fact, Google likes websites that often have new content. In the beginning, it will be easy to write your articles, however, as time goes by it will be tougher to find new ideas and to remain broadly constant. Take the time to read our 4 tips so you can avoid the blank page syndrome.

Write about something you love

It may sound obvious but it is always easier to write on something that interests you than the contrary. How would you talk about what you like so other people can discover it too? As you cannot know everything on a specific topic, take the time to remain up to date by following other bloggers for example (even if we guess that you are already doing so). Moreover, you could work your theme according to several perspectives, as well as doing brainstorms often. It is likely that as time goes by you become a reference in your field whatever it is dog breeding, logo design or archery. As writing can become a chore for some over time, it is better to compose on something you like and inspire you.

Look for inspiration everywhere

Do not just rely on your knowledge on a specific topic to be motivated by it for many months or even years. You may have to do some research from time to time in order to be up to date with the latest trends. As mentioned above, follow bloggers who are interested in the same topics as you or complementary ones. There are also other places than the Internet where you can find interesting information. When was the last time you went to your local library? When was the last time you watched a documentary or listened to a podcast? In addition, make sure you can also take down any notes anytime since you may have inspiration everywhere (in the shower, when walking in the street, when you go to bed, etc.) Creativity is a quality that can be developed! Know who your readers are and interact with them too. It will help you to know what interest or trouble them.

Be disciplined

It is said that the more you publish the more you can gain from it. Therefore, it is essential to be disciplined and regular with the writing of your articles. To start with, you should respect your frequency of publication whatever it is. You do not need to write 50 articles per month in order to have an interesting reach. Book a specific time in your week to write and do research. Stick to it! As it is the case with physical training, if you decide to skip a week or a session, you may lose your motivation. Do you want to have a popular blog? You then need to make some efforts, as it would be if you wanted to lose weight. Moreover, if you write on a specific topic, you need to create related articles of good quality. It may be more difficult to find inspiration over time. If you start to explore themes that are not related to your main topic or if the quality of your texts decreases, your website will be less well referred by Google. Sometimes, quality is better than quantity.

Have partners

Although you took the time to plan your articles and you choose a topic which you are passionate about, it is not impossible that you will have a blank page issue. You may feel after a while that it is hard to manage a blog alone. In fact, you need to think about your articles, your online presence, your social media…  while trying to have enough sleep and a balanced life. Why would you not look for partners or collaborators? First, do you know relatives who would be interested to write for your blog? Do you know any followers who would like to help you? In addition, it is also possible to trade articles with other blogs. Look for websites that are similar or complementary to yours, check their articles, and offer them a paper on a topic you know well in exchange for one paper written by them. As well as creating a backlink that will lead to your website, this will let you have some time to find the missing inspiration.

In conclusion, if you respect these 4 pieces of advice, you should be able to find the necessary inspiration to write hundreds of articles that will be liked by your readers. It is not rocket science to have a blog, however, like sports, you need to invest a significant amount of time and efforts in order to be successful.

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