How to Avoid Spelling and Grammar Mistakes on your Website

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It’s done. You now have the most beautiful website! You spent a few hours on the design in order to choose all fonts, pictures, and colors rigorously.  At the launch, however, you realize that your website bounce rate is high. Your visitors stay on your webpages only a few seconds. It is a disaster! What is happening? Did you check if your website was spelling and grammar mistakes free? As mentioned in other articles on the WebSelf blog, these mistakes can affect your website indexing by search engines since it gives people the impression that your project is not professional or reliable. What can you do in order to avoid to make mistakes?

Proofread your work

No one is immune to spelling mistakes and typos, however, the best way to avoid them is simply to read your texts and titles more than once. Check all sections, and all pages at a moment where you are awake and alert. Question every sentence and read aloud each section in order to verify if they sound right. Another tip is to read all sentences in a paragraph from the last one to the first. This will help you not be affected by the meaning of your text. It will also allow you to see your articles in a different way. Even best writers are not immune to forget to add an S at the end of a plural word.

Have help from your relatives

When you know your texts by heart and think that there are no mistakes left, it is the time to ask for help. It might be more difficult to see your errors after a while. It is why a friend or a relative’s eyes can be very useful. Although it is difficult to be exposed to criticism, especially if it is your first website, let them see what you worked on. Listen to your friends, family or even specialists from tutor services comments since they may have similar comments as your first visitors. It is then a great opportunity to see what is not working on your website before its launch. Do not forget to select people who are good with grammar!  

Use grammar and spelling corrector applications or programs

If you do not trust yourself to find all the mistakes on your website, consider using specialized software to help you. Make quick research on Google, there are many! There are some free of charge, some must be bought; therefore, take the time to read reviews before making a selection. There are already spelling correctors in a lot of software or application such as Microsoft Word or the Office Suite. At WebSelf we like to use a software called Antidote since it includes guide and dictionaries. Antidote takes the time to explain to you the grammatical rule linked with your mistake. Although these programs are very useful, they are still not perfect yet. Therefore, don’t just rely on these computer tools.

Hire a professional proofreader

It is also possible to work with a proofreader if you can afford it. We suggest you this especially if your website must be seen as a serious one. As for grammar and spelling correctors, you can find a lot of professionals or specialized agencies on Google. Look if they have any reviews and dare to ask some quotes. Proofreaders take often the time to check not only spelling mistakes. In fact, they make sure that the syntax is all right and that all grammar rules, even the less-known ones, are respected. As mentioned by Editors Canada, what are you risking by opting not to work with a professional proofreader?

Read more often

Let’s go back to the basics: do you read often? No? Did you know that reading could help you to avoid mistakes? In fact, the more you read, whether it is a magazine, a newspaper article or a novel, the more your brain remembers how words are spelled. Furthermore, it would also help you increase your vocabulary and your writing skills. You do not need to read all the Lord of the rings or Harry Potter series to become a good reader. Choose subjects that interest you and dare to ask for suggestions at your local library. Even comics can have a lot of impact on your written and spoken English.

In conclusion, you should now be able to find and correct most spelling and grammar mistakes on your website. This is something to think about since Google checks the language quality when it is time to choose which sites should be on the first page of results. It would be a shame to let a competitor win the first place because you did not take the time to check your texts. Although grammar rules seem complicated, there are many tools to help you.  

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