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How to Find a Solid Name for Your Project

Image blog WebSelfApple, Amazon and Adidas, three big companies with dominating names that start with the first letter of the alphabet. As these companies are listed as some of the most powerful companies in the world, it's easy to explain how their names are original and easy to remember. How can you create a name as solid as these? It often requires many hours of work, creativity and a lot of testing. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect name for your project, whether for a blog, a store or your business.

Why Should You Take the Time to Find a Solid Name

For starters, we suggest that you take a second to search your name on the internet. You know very well that when you are starting a business or creating your website, you are enthusiastic and do not want to be bothered by the details. However, your name is more than just a word. It’s your identity and what you want to project as an image. It is therefore of utmost importance that you work until you find a name that makes you proud. In addition, be thorough. Just because a name sounds great it can still have weaknesses or already be taken by others. Research and verification are required!

Rules to Follow

To help you brainstorm, here are 5 rules to follow to ensure that your potential names meet your needs. Get a paper and pencil ready!

Short: Do not get complicated. Choose a relatively short name that sounds good to the ear. Try not to use more than 4 syllables. Do you know the name of a successful company that has more than 5 syllables? As an example, the popular game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds quickly became known by the acronym PUBG as its original title was considered too long to be said by players and journalists.

Simple: Whether it's a common word in the dictionary or an invented one, you do not have to reinvent the English language when coming up with your name. It's not a good thing if your potential customer raises an eyebrow when he/she hears your name for the first time. They must be able to easily write it or say it without too much trouble if you want him/her to find you and talk about you.

Timeless: It may be tempting to choose a name related to the latest trend to attract people, however, trends change quickly and you want to stick around for more than a few months. The Pokémon GO game is a good example of an ephemeral trend. Do you know anyone who still plays it, even though it was the hit of summer 2016?

Memorable: Make sure your name stays in the minds of potential customers as soon as they see or hear it for the first time. They must be able to pronounce it and write it easily. Try to use positive words. Although scandals and negative words can stick in your head, you probably want your potential customers to have a positive recollection of you.

Bearer: What are your values? What can your customers infer from simply looking at your name? What message do you want your name to give? These are questions to ask yourself when creating your name. For example, if you work in environmental conservation, the words oil, pollution or waste should not be in your name. You should also check to see if your name or a part of your name means something else in another language.

Where to Get Inspiration for Your Name

As mentioned above, brainstorming will help you find a great name for your project. Unfortunately, a great unused name is not going to fall from the sky. Ask friends or colleagues to help you with this critical task. As well, if you have the means, some advertising agencies offer a name creation service. There are also online name generators to help you.

Take out your dictionary and reread the 5 rules presented above. First, your own name works if it's a very small company or a personal project like a blog. If not, choose keywords that represent what you want to project to the world. Second, try to find at least ten words, then make a list of synonyms for these words. Third, try to connect some of these found words, read them aloud or remove a few letters. Do a charivari! Write down each promising result. Fourth, remember to stay in your industry as much as possible. Fifth, to find your name, consider searching other languages or mythologies from different cultures or get inspired by the area you live in. Nike's name comes from the name of the Greek goddess of victory?

Sid Lee: From Common to Unique

Do you know the advertising agency Sid Lee? Founded in Montreal in 1993, and now recognized worldwide for its creative projects. The company was first called Diesel Marketing and the more the agency grew internationally, the more it was confused with the clothing brand Diesel. In 2006, the company decided to change its name by choosing an anagram of their original name. As the president explained, this name change kept a link to the past while opening up the agency to new opportunities. Now they have an image and a name that is their own.

So, have you managed to find some potential names? Feel free to get your family and friends’ opinion. Do not describe the meaning of your name to them. Be very brief and precise like a customer who sees your name on the net. Are you ready to move on to the next step? Now is the time to create your slogan or build your brand from your first logo!

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