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Image blog WebSelfYou always wanted to have your own website but you think it might cost too much? The internet has been democratized in the last decade and it is now easier than ever to have your place on the world wide web. In fact, creating websites is no longer confined to developers and agencies. You can even make your own free of charge with WebSelf. You do not even need to have any technical knowledge to make it. You do not believe us? Then read the following paragraphs.

Is it really free?

If you choose WebSelf free option, your website will be free without any time limit. It is as simple as that. We will even not ask for a credit card. But how WebSelf can make any money if people can make free websites? The answer is also quite simple: we provide packages to answer people with bigger needs, such as having a boutique or making a website with a lot of different pages. Those who upgrade to the paid versions allow us to provide free options. Thus yes, if you choose the free package for your website, it will be totally free.

But is it easy to make my own website?

Yes! As mentioned above, you do not need to be a technician or a geek to make your own website with WebSelf. There are only 3 easy steps to follow: 1. Select a template (we have more than 100 different templates!) 2. Edit the template with your texts, photos, and content. Our editor has been conceived with the drag and drop method. In fact, if you want to add something you only need to click on the + icon left, select what you want to add, and then drag it to where you want it to be. 3. You publish your website when you are satisfied with the result. In addition, we have many tutorials and support pages if you need some help.

What will I have access to with WebSelf free package?

To start with, you will have access to all basic features when you choose the WebSelf free package, which are the access to our image library, customizable backgrounds, blogs, videos, image gallery, and contact forms for instance. Please note that your website will be indexed automatically on main search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) and that it will be possible to contact us if you need too. Moreover, it is not because you choose the free version that your website cannot be beautiful. In fact, you will also have access to all our templates, whether it is popular or recent ones.

There are however a few limitations with the free package. Your website will have a maximum of 5 pages and a WebSelf sub-domain will be added to your domain name. A WebSelf mention will also be seen at the bottom of your website. The boutique with transactions is also only available with Pro and Business packages, nonetheless, you can have a showcase website or a blog free of charge. The free option is perfect for people who are unfamiliar with the creation of a website. You should know that if your needs increase with time, it is possible to upgrade for another package anytime. Take a few minutes to see all available package options for your WebSelf website.  

3 free websites made with WebSelf

You need practical examples of free websites or inspiration to start your new adventure? Here are 3 authentic websites made with the WebSelf free package.

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MG Architecture

MG Architecture is a small architect agency located in Belgium. What we especially like about this website is that it is clear and ergonomic. First, their logo is well-located top left and it is easy to have access to their projects. Then, the three colors rule applies which brings a professional and harmonious touch to the website. They only need to complete all their pages and make sure their social media badges bring people to their pages and everything will be perfect.

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Destination Sydney

Destination Sydney is the perfect example of a blog made with the WebSelf free package. To start with, it is not because you have access to a maximum of 5 pages that you cannot add as many blog articles as you want. In fact, you can have 100 articles if you want since it will count as one page! In this precise case, Leslie and Roman wrote 10 articles on their adventures in the land of koalas and kangaroos. We found their blog charming and they used their galleries to present all their pictures of Australia.

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Le Salon d’Aurélie

Le Salon d’Aurélie is a hair salon located in France. Their website is proof that it is possible to have a professional and harmonious website for your business even if you choose WebSelf free option. You will find there all the information about the services and prices. There is even a button that allows you to book online your next appointment. The chosen theme is also very relevant to the salon’s image. WebSelf provides free themes and designs for everyone needs, even salons!

In conclusion, it is more likely that you will prouder if you make your own website, whether you are a plumber, a beauty technician or a gourmet chef. We are convinced that everybody can make their own website with WebSelf. Why not start with the free version? You will then have the time to test our website editor and see all the available possibilities. If you feel like you need 30 pages or a boutique, there are also available options to check according to your needs. Moreover, we often write blog articles to help you with your website. Thus, your website is now within your reach!   

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