Why You Need a Website for your Wedding

Image blog WebSelfAre you one of the lucky ones who got engaged last Valentine’s day? First of all, congratulations! WebSelf wishes you much joy and happiness! We know that you must now have a lot to do: find a reception room, an officiant, a dress, food… You might be overwhelmed by everything that needs to be prepared right now.  Let us give you an advice: make your own wedding website because it will allow you to save money and time. Are you skeptical? Then read the following lines.

Gather all information at the same place

When you tell people you are getting married, it comes with a lot of things to say. Where will it be? Will it be celebrated in a church or at the city hall? Will there be a DJ or musicians? How can we get there? Where can we sleep? Imagine that you have to repeat all answers again and again. Isn’t it a little annoying? This is why we suggest you make your own wedding website in order to have all the information related to the event at the same place. Moreover, we saw a few examples of wedding websites where the lovers added their love story, pictures, and a summary of their engagement. Since it is not all guests that know everything about your relationship, especially colleagues, this helps them to be up to date at the wedding.  

But what can you put on your website? Our answer: everything you want! Of course, you can put the schedule of the day, maps of the places, links to hotels and lodges, as well as the required dress code. After your big day, you can also use your website to share pictures or words of thanks with your guests. Thus, your wedding website is a direct reflexion of you. You can add anything you want, whether it is information, texts, pictures, links, and even videos.

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Use the contact form as a wedding invitation

Do you have any ideas about how long it will take to do all your wedding invitations? You first need to gather all your guest addresses, then print the invitations, and send them all to receive the answers. These printings and postal shippings can cost you a small fortune if you have a lot of guests. Why not use your website contact form to have your friends and family answers? Our provided contact form can easily be modified to an RSVP page. You can also send a wedding invitation newsletter to your guests and ask them to answer directly on your website, where they will have access to all needed information. The contact form can also be used if your guests want to contact you.

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Many templates and options available

To start with, let’s talk about the templates. There are more than 100 different templates you can use to make your own website. It is one of WebSelf biggest strength. If you do not know which one to use, we suggest you take a look at the Personal category to see all templates made especially for events and weddings. They will surely inspire you. Of course, you can choose any template to make your wedding website. You will then need to change the texts and pictures for yours. It is very easy to make your own website with WebSelf. You do not need any technical knowledge, we guarantee it.

Did you know that you could make your own wedding website for free? In fact, WebSelf provides different packages and one of them is the free option! This option allows you to do a website of a maximum of 5 pages without any time limit. You will have access to all our basic functions, as well as all our wonderful templates. For more details, you can take a look at our article Make your free website with WebSelf. If you need more than 5 pages or want to use your own domain name, you can take a look at our different packages. You can also take a monthly subscription to save money if you do not need your website for an entire year.

In conclusion, we hope we manage to convince you of all the benefits you can have with a wedding website. The time you had to answer to all your guest questions over and over is now history. This will allow you to take some weight off your shoulders and leave you more time to prepare everything you want. In addition, as mentioned in our article How to create a free wedding website, you can decide you have some pages or the entire website protected by a password if you want to be discreet.

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