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What Is a Podcast?

Image blog WebSelfTechnology evolves fast and it is normal that you are not familiar with all last trends and innovations. Whether it is the latest smartphone, a popular gadget or a new social media or filter, there are new things on a weekly basis!  Have you, however, ever heard of podcasts? No, it is not something you can find on conventional radio neither it is related to eating cleaning products. On the contrary, podcasts are shows you can find and listen online.

More precisely, a podcast is a show often produced independently that is available online. It can be made by anyone for anyone with light or none advertisement. There are many podcasts on many topics, such as politics, arts, video games, fashion, from all over the world. Furthermore, it is also possible to listen to these podcasts everywhere, whether it is at home, on the road and even while traveling since you only need an internet connection. Most podcasts are also offered free of charge.

Can I create my own podcast?

Have you always been interested in the radio world but did not have the chance to work in this sector of activities? You can surely make podcasts, especially if you already have a blog and want to try a different medium. In fact, a podcast is very similar to a blog article. You can record yourself about an opinion on a topic, tell a story or your adventures, etc. It is a neglected way to reach new people. In addition, it allows you to increase your credibility when your podcast is well made and of good quality, of course.  It is also important to mention that podcasts are more and more popular in North America and Europe, even surpassing conventional radio in some cities. If you are not quite convinced, please note that there are now more than 600 000 different podcasts around the world.

You can create your own podcast but you need to follow some steps before

  1. You need to find an interesting topic. A topic you would be able to talk about for at least 30 minutes, once a week during an entire year. If you can do it, it is likely a pertinent topic.

  2. You need to record yourself. You do not need a studio at the start but you should use a real recorder in order to make a good show, not your cellphone. There are also recording and audio and montage software that can help, some are free, while others charge, such as Adobe Audition and Audacity.

  3. Host your recordings on the platform of your choice (iTunes, Google Podcasts, Google Play Music, Deezer, Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud…) You will then have to connect your podcast RSS feed to your hosting platform in order that they have all your episodes. During your inscription, the hosting platform will ask for your podcast name and logo. Take then the time to create something nice if you want to reach people quickly. Take a look on Pinterest for some examples or create your logo with FreeLogoDesign.   

All hosting platforms mentioned above can help you to create and broadcast your podcast. Most of them also sort podcasts according to their topics or popularity. If you realize that no one is talking on your topic, do not be afraid. You might then become the reference in that field.  On another matter, as for a blog after a while, you might receive some advertising offers if your podcast is relevant and liked. This could help you monetize this adventure.

Where can we find podcasts?

To start with, if you want to listen to podcasts know that it is often possible to find them or links on their creator website. You can also find them on your smartphone. On Apple products, if you already have the “Podcast” application, you can search and find them there. If you are using a Mac computer, you can find podcasts on iTunes. If you are more PC and Android, you can go on Google Play Music. There are as well Spotify and Podbean.

Is it possible to put your podcast on my WebSelf website?

It is effectively possible to add audio files on your WebSelf website. Thus, yes it would be a complementary solution to hosting platforms, especially if you already have a blog. You can add a brief description, pictures, and everything you can already add on your website. Your auditors and fans will then have access to your show directly on your website.

In conclusion, it is very likely that you will hear more and more about podcasts in the near future. There is a growing interest since now any blogger can have its own radio show. Even some celebrities started their own podcast recently! You could start by looking for some and see if you like that. Are you already following some? Which ones are your favorites? Do not hesitate to mention them in the comments!

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