How to Design an Online Shop That Converts

Image blog WebSelfYou can create your own online shop in only a few clicks with WebSelf. If you want to make sales on it, however, you must have a website that converts (and it needs a little extra effort). We then gathered all our best tips related to the optimization of your online shop, as well as increasing your conversion rate.

Develop Trust

HTTPS Protocol

First, your visitors must be able to trust your business in order to buy something on your website. The main principle regarding online transactions in a secure way is to have the HTTPS protocol installed on your online shop. This will secure people to know that your website is protected. We are glad to tell you that it is a free functionality that WebSelf offers with all websites, whether free or with a plan.

Simple and Refined Design

The trust of your visitors can also be earned with a refined interface and a simple design. In fact, a professional and balanced design can increase your credibility among your potential customers. They will then trust your business more and will be more inclined to purchase on your online shop.

Add Reviews and Testimonies

Your satisfied clients can help you persuade your potential customers! In fact, the action of showing your clients reviews regarding your products or services will increase in a significant way the relationship of trust with your customers. These comments can help you increase your conversion rate, as long as they are positive ones, of course.

Use Attractive Pictures of Your Products

A picture is worth more than a thousand words when it represents the product you sell! You can write a complete and interesting description; however, you might not sell your product if you do not have a picture of good quality of your product. On the contrary, if you have a clear picture that presents well your product, your visitors will be more inclined to add it to their cart. Moreover, you do not need to spend a lot of money in order to have good pictures. You only need a few tools and some resourcefulness. We also wrote an article on how to take professional photos a few months ago.

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Obvious Call-to-Action Buttons

Another element you must not ignore in order to have a good conversion rate is the call-to-action button. The goal of this button is that your visitor clicks on it to buy your product, see your services or proceed to checkout. Several criteria have to be considered to design effective buttons. You can find below a summary of our article on how to maximize the impact of your call to action buttons.

  • Visible: If you want to increase your button visibility, add it somewhere that it will be easy to find by the user. You can also surround it with white space to give it more impact. In addition, choose an attractive accent color for your call-to-action buttons, as well as for all clickable links on your website.

  • Readable: Make sure to have at least 16px text size for the font of your website in order to have readable buttons. Moreover, make sure that there is a good contrast between the background color of the button and the color of the text.

  • Descriptive: Make sure that the text on your buttons describes well the action you want your visitors to make. Avoid using general descriptions like see more, submit or click here, and choose more specific ones like add to cart, download our e-book or see our products.

Create a Connection

Aim for a Strong Branding

Did you develop your brand identity? If you spent many hours working on your visual identity, it is now the time to promote it on your website. Proudly display your logo on your header or footer. Use your main color for many elements of your website or for the background of your header or for all clickable links or buttons. Customize your checkout page, as well as your cart. If you do not know where to start, we suggest you take a look at our support article on how you can customize the pages of your e-shop.

If you have not developed your brand identity yet, start by making your logo and then develop a brand identity through a color palette, fonts or even with icons related to your business. It can be very relevant to create a brand guide, a document that will include all graphics info related to your business.

Know Your Users

Another way to create a connection between you and a potential customer is to know your users and answer their needs. Take the time to make an analysis of your business, your services, your products, and your targeted audience.

Let’s take as an example that you own a maternity boutique. You know that your customer base is mainly made up of mothers or soon-to-be mothers. You can then deduct that they are probably aged between 18 and 40 years old. Following on from this, ask yourself these questions: what are their needs, their hobbies, their interests, their budget, their jobs? With these answers, it will be easier to get an overall picture of your customer base. It will also be easier to create a product or make a website that answers your potential customers’ needs. For instance, you can adapt your tone to be more dynamic if you have a younger clientele or place more emphasis on your mobile website if you have a more professional customer base. If you can know exactly what the main needs of your customers are and answer them, your visitors will surely develop a sense of affiliation with your business.

Reduce Frictions

Finally, in order to maintain a good conversion rate, you must reduce all frictions that prevent your customers to buy a product on your online shop. Here are some examples of friction:

Page Loading

Start by reducing the weight of your pictures in order to make sure that your pages load quickly. People are getting more and more impatient. If they have to wait a couple of seconds before the loading of a page, they will quit. It is as simple as that.

Remove All Unnecessary Elements

Unnecessary elements like degraded backgrounds or pictures of bad quality can prevent sales. Design notions say that everything that does not help comprehension often distracts your visitor and affect your conversion rate.

Answer Questions

Another friction element for your visitors is to not have answers to their questions. To counter this, make sure to have in place all the necessary means to have on your website all answers your visitors could be looking for. Whether it is with a complete FAQ page, an extensive size charter, relevant product descriptions or a contact page, make sure to give an answer to most questions or at least to have a way people can communicate with you easily.

In conclusion, many improving options are available to help you have an awesome online shop. Whether it is through accurate descriptions, pictures or the creation of a new FAQ page, the next optimization step might be easier than you first thought! We wish you success with your boutique!  

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