Using an Influencer, How Does It Work? Part 1

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You see them everywhere, there is no way to escape them. Although the phenomenon has existed in different ways throughout the years, whether through sponsorship or post-war advertising, it seems that with the advent of social media, the world has eyes only for them! Do you have a business, product, blog or shop to promote? Would you like to work with an influencer to increase sales or traffic on your website? Is it complicated? Is it expensive? Yes and no. We decided to write a series of articles on the subject to help you out.

First, What is an Influencer?

According to the Digital Encyclopedia of Marketing Definitions, an influencer "is an individual who by his or her status, position or media exposure can influence consumer behavior in a given field." This person usually has power or is appreciated by others. Since the web is the way it is today, we have become increasingly suspicious of offers or products that seem too good to be true. One way that companies reassure people is to allow customers to leave comments or ratings based on their level of satisfaction. While it's nice to know what other people think of your product, why not have a celebrity's endorsement? If he or she likes the product, it has to be good, right?

Take note that with the advent of social media, influencers have evolved and responded to new demands. You may know of some people who were ordinary people a few years ago who are now considered demi-gods because of their Instagram. It may seem a little dishonest to use the services of an influencer to promote your products. This is why you absolutely must follow some rules so that your marketing campaign is more about your business, shop or blog than the influencer. You also do not need to get a popular football player or the winner of The Voice to improve sales.

But What Can an Influencer do for me Exactly?

There are many things an influencer can do for you and that's why you should consider including influence marketing in your marketing strategy. For starters, they can create content about you that will be passed on to their followers. In addition to increasing your sales and traffic on your website, it gives you access to a new network of people, hopefully, potential customers. Then, because of the endorsement, often via a link, your SEO increases. Influence marketing campaigns can certainly help you increase your credibility.

I'm interested! How can I find an influencer?

There are a few steps to follow before contacting some influencers. First, ask yourself this question: what are you looking for with this campaign? What is your goal? Is it to be known? Is it gaining visibility or credibility? Are you looking to increase your traffic on your website or the sales online? It is very important to choose your goal before choosing your influencer, as the results may vary depending on the person you get.

The second step before you look for potential people is to talk to and analyze your target audience. Do you want to continue with the same clientele or are you trying to break into a different circle of people? Why? Then, what do these target clients like? What social or traditional media do they use daily? If you have no idea who is visiting your website, you should take the time to analyze this data. Google Analytics can help you know who your visitors are. 

So now that you have a goal and a target audience, you will be able to find an influencer who will reach the right people. You would not choose the same influencer if your clientele were composed mainly of teenagers than if you were trying to reach older people. Furthermore, you do not have to rely on celebrities, especially since their services are often very expensive. Also, know how long the influencers have accepted to endorse your product and that you will need to pay for the services of a professional influencer. There are, however, many options and possibilities, as many influencers may be less known, but reach the desired target audience. There are different categories such as nano-influencers, niche influencers, and specialists. Look online for people who have credibility. Above all, aim for someone who would be interested in your product so as not to create an entirely publicized sense of falsehood. As Frederic Gonzalo says, always keep in mind: reach, relevance, and pro-action.

Do you work in the tech field? Why not look for someone doing tutorials or comparisons on YouTube? Do you have a healthy-cooking blog? Why not try sending your recipe to a local sports star? Do you sell unique and eco-friendly accessories? You will find on Instagram many people ready to promote your bracelets for money. You can start small and find out the price for some less famous influencers. Then, over time, depending on your results, you will be able to increase your budget and get more influential influencers. Remember your influencer is obligated to say that he/she has been paid to advertise for you. We suggest that you track your results, such as traffic or sales, during the campaign to determine if your goals are being met. Again, your Google Analytics page can help you keep track of this.

In conclusion, we hope that the world of influencers seems less difficult and more accessible now. It's easier to find the person who will increase your traffic when you know what your goal is and who you would like to target. There are several advantages to using an influencer as part of your marketing plan. Be imaginative, stay open and why not ask someone you already follow or enjoy? You do not need to sign David Beckham to start.

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