Influencers: How Does It Work? Part 2

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Do you dream of quitting your job and becoming an influencer? Do you want to get paid hundreds for a simple post on Instagram, who wouldn’t? Was it the first part of our series on how to use an influencer in a marketing campaign that got you thinking? It seems so accessible to live on blogs and social media, but is it really? What can you do to get there? In this section, we are going to look into this question for you. 

First Step: Find out for Whom, What, and How

For starters, be aware that there are many similarities between using an influencer and being one. However, be warned that it can be a long hard journey before you can earn money or even make a living. According to statistics, 90% of influencers in France earn less than 5000 euros per year. So you have to ask yourself this question: are you ready to make the necessary effort to become an influencer? Although the luck factor allows some people to succeed quickly, this is unfortunately not the case for everyone.

Before jumping on social media to be an influencer, you must absolutely position yourself properly. You can not please everyone on all subjects. As is the case when selecting an influencer to increase reach or credibility, you must take the time to choose who you would like to communicate to. Then, on which mediums of communication do you want to operate? Do you want to make videos on YouTube? Are you a pro on Instagram? Do you write interesting blog posts? Do you like playing retro games on Twitch? No matter the medium you start with, nothing prevents you from later operating in other channels. In addition, using multiple mediums often has the advantage of increasing your reach and allowing you to use the same material differently. Finally, ask yourself what need you want to meet? What can people get when they go to your page? Do you want to show them how to arrange accessories? Is it to discover exotic places that are not well known yet? Would you rather compare new products and recommend the best ones? In short, you must meet one of their needs to have a chance at breaking through as an influencer. Of course, we suggest you have a strong interest or knowledge on the subject of which you wish to promote.

Second Step: Diligence, Authenticity, and Quality

You need to create and publish when you have determined who you want to talk to and what need you want to meet. But still, publishing alone will not make you stand out. Always opt for quality content. Your SEO will be better. Become the expert in the field, even if it means that you have to work a little harder to always be on top. You should also think about doing regular publications so that your followers do not forget about you and move to another influencer to meet their needs. As well, you must be authentic in your messages because you can't stand out of the crowd by doing something that has already been done. Authenticity is something that will give a personal touch to your publications. This is also what people generally look for. The fake people out there are not very fashionable.

You may be tempted to choose shortcuts to achieve your goals. For example, some influencers admit paying for followers to increase the importance of their Instagram account. However, brands and your potential customers are not just looking at your subscriber count when they are looking for someone to represent one of their products. They quite often look for unique people who have a lot of interactions with their respective followers. That means it's ok if you only have 700 Instagram followers as long as you post on a topic that is not overused by others. More precisely, this is an asset. If you like a brand that is not well known and you often present it through your mediums, it may be easier to contact this company and monetize your publications. While it may be tempting initially to not ask for payment in exchange for the promotion of a product, at some point your work deserves a salary. If you have no idea how much to ask for, you can use the Instagram sponsored publications calculator! Do not forget to mention that this is an advertisement or publication sponsored by others to remain honest with your community!

In conclusion, you may be lucky and become the next celebrity on the web; however, it is more likely that you will have to work long and hard to get there which means do not quit your day job right now! Build your community, seek to meet their needs and be authentic. This will pay off in the long run. In the meantime, you can read about the latest trends and take courses on your subject of expertise. Also, analyze the profiles of those who have succeeded as influencers, you must already follow some of them, right? What made them unique and appreciated? And now, what makes you unique? Do not give up, be relentless and you will see more and more subscribers.

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